Thursday, January 04, 2018


Hoped-For Outcomes for 2018


[This is a 2018 Work in Progress]

1) Leftism: The tilt to the Left becomes a tilt to the Right.

2) Drug Wars: We make substantial progress to damp down illicit drugs.

3) The Deep State: The hurtful, undemocratic collusion is ended.

4) Illegal Immigration: We pass a comprehensive immigration policy.

5) Conservatism: The Conservative Party grows massively.

6) LGBT: We tolerate them, but do not let them dominate;

7) Christianity: That the Church grows in membership and influence.

8) Multiculturalism and Diversity: We shed this deleterious meme

9) Millennials: See that they grow in awareness, common sense & Patriotism, Love of Country.

10) Congress: Obstructionism gives way to Constructivism.

11) Family: Let the family retain or regain its authority and status.

12) Abortion: Repeal of Roe versus Wade.

13) Education: Deemphasize the Unions, devolve the DE, Mend Curricula; Education is a State problem; Subsidiarity; Deemphasize Darwinism; For most parents, Home Schooling is the preferred method today.

14) Church versus State Separation: Nonsense, there isn't such an idea in the Constitution or its amendments. Restore Christianity.

15) Gun Control: No further legislation beyond Universal Carry provisions.

16) Healthcare: We must find an effective solution, not Obamacare.

17) Infrastructure: Put the builders and maintainers to work; Use Federal, State, & Local finances and capabilities.

18) Foreign Policy: Do a significant overhaul, restoring our fair share of trade balances, reaffirm mutual defense treaties, make alliances great again, Deemphasize the UN in favor of alliances with democratic nations.

19) Conflicts: Go for the win, go for the client win, or get out; forget nation building. Clients: Iraq; Afghanistan; South Korea; Israel; Opponents: Iran; Palestine; North Korea; Russia; China;

20) Finances: Plan for and start reducing the National Debt; Reexamine the Federal Reserve; spend judicially; work towards a balanced budget.

21) Defense: Ensure a strong military; Enhance missile defenses,

22) Politics: Win and Hold Seats for Conservatives in 2018.

23) Utopian Ideas: Totally Reject Humanism; Socialism, Communism & Islam; and Purge from Government those who do believe in one or the other;

24) National Service:  Organize an 18 to 24 month NS Program allowing High School grads to work as apprentices in government service, including the military.(9)

Hoped-For Outcomes for 2019 and Beyond:

1) 2019: Continue addressing 2018 Outcomes, Initiatives as Needed.

2) Congress: Address Congressional Failures and Fix Them; Reduce the need for constant digging for campaign money.

3) SCOTUS: Ensure a Strong, Lasting Conservative Majority.

4) Government: Reduce the Size and Complexity of Government; Reduce fraud, waste, and duplication of functions; Rework the employee hiring and firing rules & install an effective merit system, thus requiring employees to perform or else let them go. Review every government agency to justify its Existence, Functions, Programs, Budget and Staff; Remove all Obama appointees.

5) Unions: Disband Government Unions & Educational Unions.

6) Justice: Investigate Clinton Activities Further; Investigate The Deep State for illegal collusion practices.

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