Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ranting Against Moonbats

Moons, Loons, and Terrible Tunes

This post is going to be a rant meant to be read by the following wingnuts that lurk around on various blogs I won’t identify, and sometimes may look in here to see what I am up to:

again, nemo, robert, jasonj, and all their ilk, like JMF, George Paine, and “Bonfire of the Neocons”

While I can usually stomach far left conspiracy theories, and continued bombardment of the Administration with truly ugly language, I believe these named wingnuts have begun to crawl on their bellies like snakes.

Their usual fare is along the lines of, (not quotes):

Bush is evil, it is all his fault, the US is hateful, God doesn’t exist, the government needs to be torn down, there are no terrorists, it is all fake, 9/11 was a put-up job by Bush and Rove, we are the ones that have empathy, that think correctly, and we should be running the world, not the Republicans, the Islamists are nice people and jihad is only meant to be self-improvement(!). Bush must be impeached for lying (cannot be proven of course because it didn’t happen!), but just wait till we socialists (communists in drag) or libertarians get in power, the little people, the Little People(!), will win big! Corporations and big business in general are evil and they should turn over their profits to the poor, America is the big threat to peace! On an on they go in this vein without stopping to realize their total misreading of reality, common sense, and the facts of life. When called for their loony opinions, they quickly change the subject or start an ad hominem attack as the left is want to do.

Whoever coined the term Moonbats was quite accurate for these people. One can’t fathom how they can even hold down a job if their judgment is so impaired, yet apparently they manage rather well. This is the real puzzle. Perhaps they can hide their Moonbat ideas while at work, which is, if so, their unabashed admission that their ideas are simply not acceptable in the real world. On a blog, however, anything goes, it seems, even ideas and statements that in earlier years might have been thought seditious, if not treasonous. Of course, if you are not in the US, you can sound off with impunity, as is “again“, who is a German with a truly pathological interest in bad old USA. I suspect he is from Nazi stock and hates his heritage.

The rest of the crowd are living in the US (I believe), but are definitely not good Americans if you believe their words. If they worked for me and I found out their true beliefs, they would be on the street in a nanosecond on whatever pretext I could find, such as poor performance, or bad attitude. At least “jasonj” is an admitted socialist (read communist) who believes there will be a revolution in the nation by those Little People, that will make us into a communist state. Nemo and robert are America haters, and want to redo the nation in their image, whatever that is, perhaps they are communist also, I don’t know for sure.

Why these leftwing Moonbat types are so destructive in their attitudes and thinking, instead of being constructive I haven’t a clue. On one occasion, one of them admitted to me that “they had tried the usual way for Americans to change things, and failed over and over” so now it was revolution they wanted! It didn’t dawn on them that we live in a majority rule nation, and the majority didn’t want their “fixes” at all. Or, they are so egotistical that they think they know better how to organize and run a country than our founders, and intend to redo our Constitution to suit themselves--by force!

In any event, I hope the FBI keeps tab on these people. They are a danger to our nation, and they hide under the rubric of free speech and the Declaration of Independence, especially that part where revolution is justified (in their eyes). Which, of course, is simply not true. The Constitution is very, very clear on that point!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


A National Shame

Cut and Run in Iraq Just as We Did in Vietnam

It is 2006, I know, and it is August 29th. Who are we now in America? Are we the people that fielded 11 million men to defeat Hitler? Are we really so namby-pamby that we cannot see our way to fight all-out anymore? Are we a nation of sheep that follows the so-called elite among us who never saw the good in anything? Are we so afraid of war that we cower in our homes, hoping that it will just blow away like a hurricane? Do we listen to these pacifists that tell us we are bad, bad people for taking the war to the terrorists?

Do we really care what “World Opinion” says about us, or are we better than that? World opinion does not feed the poor. World opinion does not give 35 billion dollars a year to impoverished nations. World opinion does not roll back the Islamofacists wherever they pop up. World opinion didn’t save New York on 9/11. Do we really care what the French think, or the Germans, or the Italians, or anyone else? Why should we? These people do not even defend themselves adequately. They are out for themselves, and have been all along. They have an enormous threat within their countries in a Muslim population that by 2050 or so will be in the majority, yet they are still on the multicultural kick that dooms them.

No one seems to realize the full import of the Islamic threat to the West, including us here in the US, except for a few that have tracked the situation and have tried to warn us. Most of us are apologizing for the Muslims, agreeing with their propaganda that they are a peaceful religion, while reading daily about their killings, bombings, sniping, and other acts of sheer horror. Why do we excuse them? They are our deadly enemy. And they have told us so over and over. Why don’t we believe them?

We should be gearing up for war now. We should impose the draft again. We need a lot of troop power. We should be building the weapons needed for a global war against Islam. Not just those who profess peace, but all Muslims are the enemy, or they will be when the time is ripe in their opinion. No Muslim can be trusted because their allegiance is to Allah and Muhammad, and NOT the US. Their religion forces them to be that way.

Instead, we are actively debating about pulling out of Iraq! This is a huge mistake. Sooner or later we will need more bases in the ME, because we will have to be taking on Iran, Syria and any other Islamic nation that throws in with them. We should be reinforcing our troops in Iraq, and be digging in for the long haul.

But far too many of us are bitten by the poisonous spider of leftwing ideology which seems to want us to fail, to be destroyed, so that they can rebuild America along socialist ideals—yes, the very communist ideals that have failed over and over in the world.

The idiots simply do not realize that they will not have that chance! If America falls, it will be to a totalitarian mob that will oppress us for 75 years or more, not some pie-in-the-sky utopia.

Now is the time to gird for the battle.

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Alpaca Day

Mister, you are interrupting my siesta, why don't you just go away? Thank you very much.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Frustration Comment # 245: Lebanon and Israel

Whither Goest Thou?

The UN squad of tourists headed up by the French is trickling into Lebanon. They even brought their rifles, but the Lord knows that none of the soldiers will actually fire them.

So what we have is a barrier of UN-sponsored troops that will sit on the border between Lebanon and Israel and watch developments, or take nice vacations on the beaches and in the cities. Their weapons are only for self-protection, and I doubt that either Hezbollah or Israel will engage them. The UN force will not, by order, try to disarm Hezbollah, nor will they stop arms shipments from Syria into Lebanon.

Should either party decide to renew the fighting, the UN force will step aside and let it roll. Meanwhile Lebanon was severely damaged, and many lives were lost—on both sides. So what we have is a non-solution solution.

Give it a few years and the whole episode will have to be repeated. Is there no more permanent solution than continuous repetition of these wars, sparked by the Islamofacists who want to destroy Israel?

Friday, August 11, 2006


A Good Save--This time

The Brits, Paks, and US cooperated to put down the latest attempt to wreck havoc on the US economy and the thousands of people innocently riding in the airliners the terrorists planned to bomb. Three cheers!

The lesson, of course, is very clear. We are not safe, we are not immune from the Islamic jihadists, just plain lucky, with a tinge of hard effort to develop the situation. The jihadists are going to attack again and again, and we must be ready. More than that, we must be willing to defeat them, eradicate them, yes, kill them, wherever they are found.

Not all Muslims, just the radicalized ones; but I have little idea which ones are moderate and which are radical, and they don't wear signs telling us, or paint themselves white or red. Since the moderates are afraid of the radicals, they cower in their homes and mosques, and play good Islamicists, never to take the lead in turning on their brothers that plot the overthrow of Western democracies. Then too, there is ample evidence that moderates can be "turned " into radicals with a bit of evil pressure by the jihadists--threatening whole families with death if they don't support the radicals.

I was particularly pleased that President Bush used the term Islamic facists in his comments. A quite proper label. The time will come when America must choose: fight the Islamofacists all out, or surrender. There is no doubt in my mind which way the majority will choose. Leave it to the passivists to abjectly surrender, but they must be neutralized, that is, rendered ineffective, lest they support the jihadists at the worst time in order to curry favor and achieve a comfortable dhimmitude. Reminds me of the "better red than dead" era.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Perspectives on the Middle East

The US Will Become Further Embroiled in the Middle East Soon.

My perspective is the following:

1. The concept of "Land Exchanged for Peace" by Israel is a dead issue, as is the so-called "Roadmap for Peace" supported by the US and others. This has come about because of the actions of Hezbollah and Hamas in employing short-range 122mm rockets for months prior to and during the latest major reaction by Israel.

2. Israel will defend itself as always. The IDF will make any attacks very costly for the Islamic Jihadists. "World Opinion" will not deflect Israel from pursuing its survival, and in the extreme case, Israel will use its nuclear weapons to thwart its enemies.

3. The US will stand by Israel, and will act to defend her if the provocation is great enough.

4. The US military forces need to be brought up to the strength it had prior to the cuts imposed on it by Clinton, where the force reduction was on the order of 40%. As the events in Iraq, Iran, Palestine, and Lebanon have shown, and the rattling of nuclear sabers in both Iran and North Korea have shown, the US may well have to fight in multiple theaters of war in the near future. While diplomacy have been underway for years throughout the ME and in Korea, there has been a continuing escalation of tensions, and the US ability to fight as a last resort has been severely hampered by its relative lack of strength and readiness. It is obvious that talking from a position of strength has a far better chance of success than otherwise.

5. The probability of a wider ME war is growing daily. Immediately affected beyond the current Israeli-Lebanese conflict is Syria and Syria's ally Iran. With Iran feverishly pursuing nuclear weapons and missile capabilities, some action will have to be taken soon, perhaps within the year, and almost certainly by the Spring of 2008. Israel cannot afford for Iran to have a valid nuclear threat to its existence, and thus neither can the US stand by and let Israel be destroyed.

6. The Europeans are not to be counted upon in this conflict in any substantial way for several reasons: their passivity in the face of threats; their preoccupation with economic and political integration into the EU; their lack of serious military capabilities for foreign intervention; their internal threat of Muslim political intervention or insurrection (there will be a majority of Muslims in Europe by 2050, which is illustrative of Islamic power there.); their tensions with Russia; and their ever- growing dependence on ME oil. They have become divided, weak, ex-powers in the world, but are very, very reluctant to admit it.

7. Islamic Jihadists ( the so-called "lesser jihadists") must be viewed as an existential threat to Israel, the nations of Europe, and ultimately the US. The avowed goal of Islamic Fundamentalist jihadists who are fueling the current wars is domination of the world, and the establishment of an Islamic Caliphate over all nations. Thus, peace in the Middle East will not be possible without the substantial degredation or virtual elimination of Islamic Jihadists in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, along with the capture and regulation of their oil resources both to stop their use of petrodollars for terrorism, and to ensure fair distribution of oil worldwide in these days of dwindling supplies.

8. The strategic importance of Israel to the US in this growing conflict is clear. It is an island base in the midst of potential enemy countries: Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Palestine. The importance of Iraq is similar as it faces Iran, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, the prime sources for jihadists, weapons, and funds.

9. We can never let our guard down in the US either, since we have a Muslim population of at least 6 million people, of which many are very likely Jihadists or firm sympathizers.

It is devoutly to be wished that this perspective does not come true, and lasting peace can be found for the Middle East without bloodshed. I am not optimistic.

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