Sunday, November 28, 2010


Liberals-- Profile of Main Characteristics

I present here my descriptive observations of Liberals or Progressives over the past ten years in phrase form:

Elitist and Intellectual
Moral Relativist
Atheistic or Agnostic
“Living Constitution”
Moral Equivalence of all Societies
No Discrimination in All Domains
Welfare State
Multiculturalism and Diversity
Political Correctness
Total Control Syndrome; Power Hungry
Strict Social Liberalism Education
Intolerance of Objectors
Redistribution of Wealth
Gun Controls
Tax and Spend
Cannot Accept the Truth about Islam
Uses Civil Law to force conformation to policies
Open Borders
Gay Marriage
Leftist with a Marxist or Communistic or Progressive touch

If this is the type of person you admire, the sickness is spreading.

Additions welcome!

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Monday, November 15, 2010


Heartland USA

Back to the basics that make this nation great!

A week spent in the Heartland of America was delightful and revealing. Here there were people practicing their patriotism to the fullest, and their rights under the Constitution to the fullest as well. There were no namby pambys afraid of guns there: guns were visible in gun racks downtown, and were being carried into the fields for hunting, including pistols openly carried in holsters. On Veteran’s Day, many of the citizens turned out in Legion hats or even old army hats; and a few were wearing their full dress uniforms from WWII, or Korea, or Vietnam.

There were speeches at the town square, which was decorated with bunting and flags on the light poles. Men that were sincere and genuinely proud of their service rose up one at a time to tell something of their war experiences, and to affirm their love for this nation in strong and emotional terms. After six or seven ex-servicemen had spoken with such feeling, you could sense that the crowd around the square was joining in the emotion and clapping and cheering louder and louder, and waving their flags in agreement and sympathy with the speakers.

The master of ceremonies, I believe he was the mayor, introduced the local representative to the state government, and he spoke in the same terms and with the same fervor of the sacrifices many had made over the years in far-away, desolate and impoverished lands in the service of their country. He was a veteran too, and had served in Vietnam. That the crowd knew, respected, and approved of this man was apparent; he had their full trust that they would be looked after in the state capitol to the best of his abilities. “He is a good man”, I heard over and over as I walked through the crowd.

It would be a wonderful thing if we could feel that way about all of our legislators, instead of believing that many of them are actually acting against our best interests and our desires every day.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010


The GOP is in a bind

I see nothing but minefields in every direction for the new Speaker. To promote job growth, it isn’t as easy as simply lowering taxes; one must also have products or services that consumers will buy. Today, virtually all of the products are made in China or Asia, not the US, and the consuming public is not in the mood to splurge as before, preferring to reduce debt and save for a rainy day. Another aspect is that perhaps as many as four million manufacturing jobs have been lost forever, never to return.

Services, for a large part, depend on sales and after sale service or product maintenance, which is under several kinds of positive and negative pressures, such as the introduction of new products along with withdrawal of support for obselete or obselescent products, and the current trend to make do for another year or two with one’s current set of products. We see this in diverse fields such as the auto industry, the aircraft industry, electronics, computers, software and others. If that is what’s left for our workers to aspire to, they are rapidly reaching a ceiling in their prospects for growth of income, and hence, their ability to consume at a relatively high rate.

Then, too, we have reached a high level of “throwaway parts” repair along with significant built-in sensors and diagnostics that simplify the identification of the part to be replaced, or the whole unit to be cast out. The parts themselves, of course, are manufactured overseas. Has anyone had the experience of a TV technician saying that it would be cheaper, or almost cheaper, to buy a new TV than to repair the old one? Thus, less expertise is needed to effect a repair or replacement decision, with a parallel decrease in wages for such jobs, and the real profits go to the overseas company.

If, as I have read, we need to generate five million new, well-paying jobs a year just to accomodate the rising generation, can anyone tell me just where such a set of jobs is coming from? If we need the economy (the GDP) to grow at an eight percent rate or better in order to pay the bills, and reduce the debt, it starts with more jobs, right now!

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Why the rejection of Obama and the Democrats?

#1 is the fact of the terrible economy, jobs, and national debt.
#2 is the image of tax and spend, spend, spend, with no visible and cheering impact on #1.
#3 is the image of a Leftist social agenda that impacts the economy without compensations.
#4 is the image of a disasterous and servile foreign policy that makes patriots cringe and friendly nations disgusted and disappointed.
#5 is the image of it being campaign time, party time, golf time, and vacation time on our dollar to excess in a belt-tightening era.
#6 is the image of being soft on Islam and Palestine to the detrement of Israel.
#7 is the image of being soft on illegal aliens, and supportive of amnesty.
#8 is the unsavory crowd of White House and Department lackeys pulling off illegal stunts.
#9 is the image and dread of more years of the same.
#10 other factors of far less impact.


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