Friday, October 28, 2016


An Observation

The 2016 Election Choice

Faced with two candidates that are far from ideal for the job we must make the right decision: which less than ideal candidate will best serve the nation.

Decision Point 1: Do we want a continued leftist drift to the nation's laws and policies? I say NO!

Decision Point 2: Both candidate are liars, but whose lies most hurt the nation? I say Clinton's lies do since she has dealt with both national and international identities which greatly influence the fate of the nation, whereas Trump's lies and rants affect fewer people.

Decision Point 3: Do we want a balanced Supreme Court or one biased to the left and believes our Constitution is a block? I say balanced!

Decision Point 4: Do we want a candidate that insists on having a two-faced approach to policy questions--one for public consumption, and the other for her inner circle? I say NO!

Decision Point 5: Do we want "Pay for Play" from the White House? I say NO!

Decision Point 6: Since there is relative moral parity between Donald and Bill, who would be roaming the White House once more, the question of moral parity is rendered moot.

Decision Point 7: Do we want to live with Obama's Executive Orders and myriad regulations, plus those invented by Clinton? I say NO!

Decision Point 8: The personality deficiencies of both candidates are daunting but quite different. One you tend to get what you can understand and like or dislike: the other you have no idea what you may get since she runs a two-faced shop. Better the one you can understand and cope with!

Vote for Trump!

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