Tuesday, November 18, 2014


A List of Horrors

The World I See is in Crisis

Obama’s Directions—EOs, secrecy and lies, lack of Leadership
His Attorney General--Leftist
His IRS Scandal—Lerner
Czars--running the nation
The Treasury— Gold still in Ft. Knox?
The Federal Reserve—too many games
Obamacare—hurting! Costly!
The Senate--under Harry Reid, disaster!
Ebola response—what if it mutates to airborne?
Benghazi Scandal—big lie from Obama!
The VA Mess—shameful!
Fast and Furious Scandal---Why?
Economics-- Slide of the US into Chaos
Banks in Jeopardy—All the Big Ones!
Financial War--- with Russia/China/Saudi Arabia
The Dollar Crisis—loss of reserve status soon
IMF and SDRs—chief danger for the dollar
Gold and Silver—artificially depressed
Iran—nuclear power soon
Iraq—Obama threw away our gains
Syria—more Games by Obama
Israel—Obama hates Israel and Israelis
EPA Regulation Frenzy—hurting businesses
Palestine—Obama playing a game versus Israel
Jobs and Small Businesses---scarce, low-paying
Russia-- and Putin, aggression
China-- our financial enemy, hacking
Nuclear Proliferation—NK and Iran
Islam-- our religious fanatic enemy
ISIS—yet another Islamic Group hates the US
North Korea—nuclear weapons and missiles
Ukraine—we are not helping!
Supreme Court ---Appointments  of leftists
The EU—weak militarily and financially
Taiwan--- in Jeopardy from China Again
Wall Street—gamesmen par excellenceDepression/Inflation—both Coming!
International Finances---Collapse

Preserving--- our way of Life
Moral Decay in the Nation—no longer caring
57 million Abortions—anyone brag about that?
Gay Marriage—why?
Voter Fraud-- by Liberal/Progressive Democrats
Border Security—Never a Priority for Obama
Illegals in the Nation—what to do?
Amnesty for Illegals—NO!Space Program—underfundedMilitary Preparedness--questionable
Strength of forces—inadequate now

New Military Hardware—slow in arriving
The Carrier Task Forces—how many needed?
F-22 and F-35—too few of both
Newer than M1A2 Abrams Tanks—is there one?
Missile Defenses—slowly developing
The Triad---Land, Air and Sub Missiles—must be maintained
Space Warfare---Are we behind now?
Cyberwar---a growing threat
The Budget---Fairytales
Entitlements---consuming 70% of the budget
Riders and Earmarks---still being done!
Rules of Legislation—need fixing terribly!
Rules of Campaign Financing--- need fixing too!
Education-- is under the sway of liberals
Communists—used to go by Progressives!
Socialists—as many as 50 are in the Congress
South America—is very unfriendly to US.
The Uninformed Voter—God Help Us!
Pakistan---too tribal and Muslim
Missile Defense Europe---Obama stopped it
Balkan States---unsettled
Indonesia---oil reserves
The Pacific Theater—China threat
Arctic—land claims
Antarctic—land claims
Alaska—How to defend it?
Patriot Act—keep it?
Is Anarchy Coming?—national collapse?
Gun Rights—under attack
Christianity under Attack—goofballs trying!
Taxation—ought to be a flat tax
Agriculture—regulation chokes the economy
Commerce—regulation chokes the economy
Labor—regulation chokes the economy
Energy—held back by Obama
Secret Service—out of control
Constitution—flouting it at will
States Rights—Violated

Terror War—deemphasized
Global Warming—a scam of huge proportions
Multiculturalism/Diversity—simply wrong
English Language—law of the land
Redistribution of Wealth—never!
Liberal Arrogance---too common and too insulting

































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