Wednesday, February 17, 2016


A List of Some Importance

Which candidate will step up and give us a solid plan?

1. Atheism, Secular Humanism, Progressivism and what to do about it.

2. The Supreme Court and its tilt left.

3. The Middle East and our desultory approach.

4. The Economy and how to fix it.

5. The National Debt and the Interest we have to pay.

6. A new President coming---Trump, Clinton, or a real leader?

7. Beefing up the Armed Forces.

8. Illegal Aliens--Hispanics. Muslims, etc.

9. Streamlining Government and its 1,700+ organizations

10, Nuclear Proliferation and how to stop it.

11. Russia and what to do, including the Ukraine and Syria

12. China and what to do.

13. Entitlements and how to cope with them.

14. The problem of Islam and the drive to convert the world.

15. Health Care and how to improve on it now.

16. Taxation and how we get out of debt.

17. Creating Jobs and bringing Jobs home.

18. Defending freedom and liberty for our children: The Constitution!

Thursday, February 04, 2016


Christian Worldview                        Atheistic Worldview

Big Bang/ Created by God                        Big Bang/No God

Universe/God's Plan                                 Universe/No Plan

Man/Created by God                                Man/Somehow Appeared, Evolved

Man is both Good and Evil (Sinful)          Man is Good

God is Man's Measure                             Man: Measure of All Things

Man Walks With God/Christianity            Man is Atheistic                

Man: Absolute Morality                            Man:  Relative Morality

Man Worships God/Happiness Follows  Man Invents His Happiness

Man Accepts God's Natural Law,           Man Creates His Own Positive Law Rights and Duties                                       

Man Accepts God's Values                    Man Creates His Values & Virtues  Virtues                                                    Unsystematically

Man Accepts Freedom/Liberty/              Man Creates Own Rules  Democracy                                               Unconstrained by God:

Man Uses Right Reason/People Rule     Atheistic Reason/Elite Rule:

Man Forms a Republic                                  Secular Humanism, or

Man Creates a Constitution                          Democratic Socialism, or

(Law of the Land)                                          Socialism, or

Man Creates Common Law                          Communism, or           

Man Lives by the Rule of Law                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                              Elite World Rule!

All Lead to Freedom and Liberty Under God                                                               Totalitarianism    Under Elites




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