Thursday, April 23, 2015


Liberals and Progressives

Some Liberal and Progressive Attitudes, Traits and Beliefs

While I have observed a number of liberals and progressives that display quite a few of the following attributes, I do not mean to say that all of them practice all of the very negative traits I have listed.  But being a liberal or progressive necessitates having many of these more obnoxious traits:

Indiscrimination in All Things
Thinking is bad
Good is Evil; Bad is Victimhood
Right is Wrong; Wrong is Victimhood
All Societies are Equal
All Behavior is Permissible
Talk is Preferable to Work; Idleness is Bliss
Cannot Choose Between Alternatives
Utopianists and Collectivists
Seeks Impossible Ideals
Giveaway Artists for Other People's Money
Moral Relativity
Smugness to the Extreme
Superiority Complex (Inferior in Fact!)
Ivory Tower Complex, Especially Professors
Self-Satisfied for No Known Cause
Never Wrong, Never Admits Being Wrong
Social Tyrants; Kultur Aficionados
No Common Sense
Atheistic Most Often and Hates Christians
Ad Hominem Attacks
Uses Highly Derogatory Words Against Others
Does not Like America and Wants Vast Changes
Supercritical of Others
Shortsighted, and Incurs the Rule of Unintended Consequences Often
Demands Perfection of Others; Picky; Will Use Their Slightest Error
Intellectual and Status Snobs
Vicious When Cornered
Disingenuous in Arguments
Is Always on the Wrong Side
Political Correctness and Multicultural Diversity
Avoids Personal Responsibility
Global Warming is Their Key to Everlasting Power
Believes in Reapportionment of Your Money: Tax the Rich!
Woman's Free Choice for Abortion; A Fetus or Embryo is Not Human
Feels Guilt for Their Lifestyle, History; Bleeding Hearts
Feels Entitled for Their Contributions to Society
Uses the Victimhood Syndrome; Nanny State Approach
America is a Racist Society; Corrective Laws Needed!
Rejects the Death Penalty
Believes in Heavy Regulation by Government of All Activities
Believes in Gun Control; Only Militias Authorized by the 2nd Amendment
Believes in Euthanasia
Believes in Free Health Care
Believes That Profiling is Wrong
Supports Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants
Wants to Rewrite the Constitution
Believes in Takings for Private Use
Believes in Same Sex Marriage
Supports Social Security as it Stands
Wants Large Government and Greater Taxes
Supports the UN; World Government
GWOT is Wrong; it is a Criminal Matter
Supports Greater Welfare
Believes That Conservatives are Nuts
Your Sources are Always Wrong!
My Way or the Highway
Government Must Fund Abortions
Coal Industry Must be Regulated Out of Existence
Illegal Immigrants Have the Right to Government Benefits
Thinking is a Hate Crime
Objectivity is undesirable



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