Sunday, October 30, 2011


Republicans! Vote!

Any Port in a Storm!

The Democratic opposition to a Romney candidacy is by convention Obama. You know, the signer of drastic, debt-raising spending bills from his cohorts in the House and Senate, and all on his own, perhaps with the help of his 40 czars, signs a raft of Executive Orders to subvert Congress and the will of the people when he can’t get his way in the democratic process. At the rate of the now standard 1.5 trillion USD deficit per year, we should be totally busted if Obama gets yet another four-year chance to outspend the sum of all previous presidents, and to hide the fact behind non-budget budgets and other subterfuges.

The obvious reaction is “any port in a storm”, be it Romney, Cain, Perry, Gingrich, or any of the others, with the exception of Paul. We couldn’t possibly be worse off with any of those candidates than with another Obama and Democratic tour of destruction and prolonged economic disaster.

Yet there are those who will vote again for what has become the most disastrous presidency in history, and the most outrageous set of Leftwing demagogic Democratic congressmen and woman in history to foster the Left’s plans, which clearly illustrates the absolute lunacy of the Left. We all know the financial mistakes made in previous presidencies, because they were well and truly published before the 2008 election, yet the Left, led by Obama, and a fully Democratic Congress, did nothing in three years to correct them, but rather in all deliberate haste and chicanery tripled down on them! Tripled down!

No thank you!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Are We Really Anti-Science?

I do not think so at all for the following reasons (among others):

There are over 5,000 cataloged theorems in science, some of the most famous of which are:

The General Theory of Relativity

The Special Theory of Relativity

Quantum Theory

The Standard Model of Particle Physics

Newtonian Physics

The Neo-Darwinian Theory of Evolution (NDT)

Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory (AGW)

Some scientists would have it that if we have serious doubts about the latter two theories we are anti-science. Never mind that we buy into by far the majority of the 5,000 theories in the catalog, if we doubt Darwin or Man-made Global Warming we are not supporting science! This is rank nonsense.

Not only is it nonsense, in itself the statement is anti-science, since science is an open quest for the truth, and along with that quest comes reasonable doubts about the existing base of evidence supporting the current theories of science.

Let us examine Darwin briefly:

1) There are no intermediate forms for the species, especially for the Pre-Cambrian period as Darwin’s Theory demands. None!

2) Speciation during the Pre-Cambrian period was almost immediate and left virtually no time at all for gradual evolution as Darwin demands.

3) Microevolution requires infinite time to hopefully produce the complex molecule structures in animals by random selection, which is mathematically impossible.

Therefore, one can quite properly have doubts about NDT.

Then let us examine Anthropogenic Global Warming briefly:

1) Base data was massaged to fit.

2) Sufficient knowledge of the interaction of the sun, clouds, water vapor, and cosmic rays is lacking in the formulations.

3) Earth’s natural rotation cycles account for most temperature variations.

4) There are unscientific motivations to sell the public on AGW by frightening them in order to gain massive economic and fiscal control over our resources and governments.

Thus, there are valid reasons to doubt AGW has been properly analysed.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


The Occupy Wall Street Fiasco

Enter the ancient purveyers of collectivism!

The most coherent, organized and highly vocal radical group in the nation–the Communist Party–has staked a claim in the Occupy Wall Street movement and opened up information booths or tables, and those who are protesting for anti-capitalism, pay leveling, wealth redistribution, free college, free healthcare, and guaranteed jobs will find a sympathetic and rather dynamic reception in the ranks of the very red at the tables.

Down the street in other booths or tables, they will find a somewhat moderated version of collectivism–the Socialist Party–that would love to swell their ranks with the disaffected of America. My bet is that the sum number of these radicals will not add anything but the trash in the streets, and when the media become disenchanted, the radicals will fade away as if they never existed. Seems that today, a little rain washed the area clean in minutes, which is perhaps a testament to the staying power of this gaggle of discontents.

The cries for free everything, and down with capitalism, are so old they smell of the musty basements and ratty holes in the wall where all manner of dusty propaganda pamphlets have been stored for over 50 or more years waiting for the time to come out once again. One can almost hear Gus Hall exhorting his followers to man the streets. Or so the new generation of radicals must believe that do not realize their ancient, collectivist, anti-capitalist ideas have been thoroughly discredited, stuffed and flushed every time they have arisen in America, and will again if called for in jig time.

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Monday, October 17, 2011


My Beliefs:

Here are some essential basics of my belief system (as of 10/17/11)

-Theism, and adherence to the commandments of God: Belief in love, faith, hope and charity. Worship as and where one desires. Religious freedom.

-Insistence on moral certainty as derived from the commandments of God and His natural laws, rights, duties, morals and mores.

-Traditions as the compiled wisdom of past generations, which are not to be changed suddenly or lightly, without long and hard reflection on the consequences – both intended and unintended.

-Federal, constitutional, and republican form of government, including the carefully derived checks and balances between the various parts as given by the Constitution. Close adherence to the Constitution is a mandate. Belief in subsidiarity, which places problem solving as near to the individuals concerned as possible.

-A mankind that can be good or evil, and cannot be trusted to “do the right thing” without laws, regulations, and ordinances, and especially their daily enforcement.

-A mankind that has not progressed in any essential mental, moral, or spiritual way since the beginning of civilization, and cannot be forced, cajoled, or shamed into any real progress either, at least for the next millennium or two. Man is sinful.

-Responsible citizenship, honorable duty to country, and sincere patriotism for the nation.

-Freedom in all of its forms: worship, speech, association, assembly, movement, and ownership (property rights). Exceptions are in order here as well: pornography should not be accessible by underage children; treason and sedition must be punished; slander and libel must be punished; and liars must be shunned, if not prosecuted, especially liars in government. Organizations that advocate the overthrow of the nation must be destroyed.

-The right of the individual to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, subject to the restraints of common sense, good citizenship and the law. To this end, the legal right to abortion (murder) must be terminated.

-The family and the institution of marriage between a man and a woman as the basic building block of society. Family unity should be supported wherever possible. Honoring one’s ancestors is an important factor in keeping family unity intact. Same-sex marriage must be prohibited.

-Equality of opportunity, but not equality of outcome. Redistribution of wealth for its own sake is an abomination. We must, however, care for the ill, disabled, and destitute using charity (by that name), and we must support people to regain their footing in society.

-Limited government, and limited growth in government sufficient to cope with the rise in population, and the complexity of modern life, and not growth in power, budget or personnel to further centralize the government. Reestablisment of effective state's rights is a necessity, as is the abolition of unfunded mandates.

-Traditional education, unfettered with the modern experimentation that has proven to be ineffectual, and funding mostly dedicated to teachers and pupils, not overhead “education experts” and unneeded administrators. The curriculum through high school should be pared down to reading, writing, English, arithmetic, civics, history of America, American literature, world literature, science, mathematics, geography, world history, and foreign languages, together with courses in trades as needed. The track system should be reinstalled to allow for students to proceed more closely to their natural pace of learning. Testing should be continued, with essay questions taking a more predominant role. The Federal Department of Education must be abolished.

-The university systems of so-called “academic freedom” and tenure need to be thrown out in favor of professors and administrators with a balanced view and desire to teach effectively and in an unbiased manner. Teach the students how to think, not how to recite the Communist or Humanist Manifesto. Reduce the budgets of Universities so that citizens can attend without incurring lifelong debt for themselves or their families.

-English is the primary language in America. Immigrants must learn and demonstrate proficiency in English to become citizens.

-Ultimate sovereignty of the US, its borders, and its institutions, is not to be diluted by world authority or by illegal immigrants or workers. The idea that nation-states are phasing out is wrong.

-The failure of the UN, or any such organization of nations to perform world government. The UN should be marginalized to its effective elements. There is an insufficient number of moral nations to effect world government on a democratic basis.

-Security for the US, both internally and externally. For this purpose we need strong, well-disciplined, coordinated federal, state and local police forces. We need National Guard forces in each state.

-The armed forces of the US should be well-equipped, and large enough to fight 2½ wars simultaneously while maintaining the defenses of the nation at home. Weapons research, development and production should allow for replacement and modernization throughout the forces in a timely manner. We should continue to seek peace through strength.

-Capitalism, and free trade throughout the world, but not collectivism ever!  Free markets with reasonable regulation to prevent abuses.

-Proactive pursuit of freedom and democracy for all, but carefully limited in overseas commitments.

-Fighting terrorism wherever it arises. Subduing by force and eventually pacifying the remainder of Islamic Fundamentalists within the US is important to the reduction of terrorism.

National service of two years by all before the age of 35 is imperative, and can be satisfied through support to local, state or federal service organizations or the military.

-Voluntary association of free, democratic nations to promote peace, free trade, and the well-being of their citizens, as well as to promote their common defense, instead of reliance on the UN.

-Financial prudence and a strong thrust to balance the budget are imperative, as well as to materially reduce the natonal debt. A halt on costly legislation should be established until such time as our debt is under control.

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Friday, October 07, 2011


We must all be stakeholders

A Rant!

I see that the symbolism of contributing to the federal income tax escapes progressives and screamers. To be expected, I guess, since they are fully guilty of promoting and installing the virtually zero FIT the lower quartiles end up paying. Hint: paying in, then receiving it back doesn’t count.

Defenders all of the give-away programs, the discovery of ever newer needs, creating and expanding the dependency society, castigating capitalism and the capitalists alike, and installing much, much bigger government, for which they must seek greater and greater tax revenues, even if it emasculates our defenses, and actually increases our costs in the long run for just about everything, especially our soaring national debt and the interest payments we must keep up. Running up the bill for pork every year to the tune of billions and calling them earmarks, when they are actually a form of payoff or bribe, is a bad thing, an even dishonest thing, for any public servant to support, Democratic or Republican. Of course we have a President that says he will fight earmarks–sure he did, to the tune of even more of them! Say one thing and do the other! Unbelievable! And jobs, where are the jobs?

One gets the impression that all of these people only think about today, and not tomorrow; willing to shove our fiscal problems out to generations yet to come. We read about how FDR raised taxes to 90% at the top with considerable pride, forgetting that it was meant to be an expedient of war, not a permanent thing as the current leftists seem want, and the percentages did come down– eventually, and then the economy roared off!. Seems to be a rule that, if you raise taxes far enough, it is a hell of a job to get them back down again to rational levels. Other People’s Money is an aphrodisiac to the left; they really believe it is theirs to spend any way they can conceive. It is not, but they do it anyway, which is theft.

But this era of chaotic, Chicago-style, and spendthrift government is just about over. Sensible citizens have had enough of the cronyism, the lies, the dodges, the misdirection, and the stonewalling of what was touted early on to be the most transparent US government in history–yet another bald lie out of the book full.

The only word that satisfies this chaos is rampant hypocrisy.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Government is Expanding Beyond Comprehension

Our Current Government Versus the Constitution

It might be rather difficult to measure the distance we have crept from the fresh new Constitution and its original intent and compromises to the current position our laws and practices are in today. The first push/pull was undoubtedly centralized versus distributed power, and centralization has won out in practice. It continues to do so, with the office of the president leading the way. From a purist point of view, we have expanded the scope of our laws well beyond the Constitution and civil laws envisioned in the beginning, most often due to pressures to meet a stream of new needs discovered that the Constitution neither covered nor thought to cover, and with the willing collusion of all three branches of the federal government to cater to these needs, ostensibly of the people, and, of course, for the good of the nation.

Books have been written about the role of the Supreme Court in deviating, in interpreting, and in legislating from the bench to achieve some functional goal not possible to achieve in any other manner. Seizing the decision powers of an autocratic leader by the Presidents has also been a continuing drumbeat pushing us ever further away from a strict adherence to the Constitution. Whole governmental departments, with their missions, functions, budgets, and staffing have been invented through legislation to meet these new needs and functions, and this process is even accelerating today. Earmarks fit into this creep also! I have often pointed out that currently there are over 1,177 separate organizational entities in the government with budget lines, staffing and all the trappings of bureaucracy. In fact they tend to stumble over each other in their zeal to approve or disapprove actions brought before them. Try to obtain approval for a new nuclear power plant and you will be dealing with an entrenched bureaucracy of 23 or so different organizations at last report.

The maze grows yearly, and even Reagan could only kill or rework some hundred of these entities, and it seems that he was about the last to try. We have grown many monster bureaucracies since his time, and Obama has created hundreds more yet to fully surface. To say that this gaggle has become unmanageable and unaffordable is to bring the wrath of entrenched congressmen, lobbyists, and advocacy groups down on your head, as well as the party or parties that stood behind the legislation in the first place.

Why don't we commission an independent group to take on the decade-long task of streamlining this governmental gaggle, much as BRAC did for military bases? It would be a many-year task, and it would spawn quite a few Constitutional amendments as it went along, I suppose, but the commission would end up paying for itself ten, twenty or more times over I'd guess, to the benefit of our bottom line. (Avoiding a Constitutional convention would be a prime objective here, since the scope of such a convention cannot be controlled, and we just might end up worse that we began!)

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011


A Few Simple Truths

The Way Things Are!
Corporate jets are efficient transportation and time savers for movers and shakers.

There is nothing wrong with making a lot of money, and keeping it– minus taxes, of course.

Contributors to our society reap rewards commenserate with their value in the marketplace.

Deficit spending has a hard limit; it will have to stop when you cannot pay back in full. (We are too near that now for comfort.)

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

It isn’t a secret that corporate taxes are factored into the price to the customer, and the higher these taxes, the higher the price charged, and the less competitive the product is in the world market. So now we have an ever decreasing manufacturing sector and number of jobs, because to remain competitive we have shipped the manufacturing jobs overseas, mainly to China. They will not return.

The top 10% of tax payers today pay over 70% of the taxes: The bottom 40-50% pay nothing, so in a real sense the bottom half are not stakeholders but simply takers.

The free market is the most efficient way to control an economy, but it needs the right amount of regulation to ensure a level playing field and control of fraud and abuse, and this needs constant work to keep up.

This free market approach has been the best for our economy, including health care.

Environmental stewardship is an important objective for society, but we cannot wreck the economy to achieve unrealistic environmental goals, or we will only achieve a beautiful, clean, yet dirt poor, vulnerable and starving nation. Further, the world measures of clean air and water will continue to be negative until China and India, for two, make enormous strides in their lands.

The jobless rate is far closer to 16% to 18% than the carefully calculated 9.1%, because the government doesn’t count those who have stopped seeking non-existent jobs, and shouting out the true number would be politically rather bad for Obama.

Judicious tax cuts stimulate the economy via increased consumer spending and demand, which in turn sparks hiring, production of more supplies and thus the flow of wages and profits, and lo and behold, greater tax revenue. The deficit is reduced by the disciplined spending of less than the revenue income.

The chief characteristics of illegal immigrants is that they are here illegally and they work well for less than citizens demand.

If we pursue our main natural energy resources to the fullest we can become energy independent inside of 10 to 15 years, and that means coal, oil, nuclear and natural gas. By playing with solar, wind, and wave sources, but not the main sources, we will still be heavily dependent on imported oil from the ME after that same 10 to 15 years. We need to get cracking and fracking right now!

Utopian or collective societies fail because they are diametrically opposed to human nature, and you can’t change or homogenize human nature by edicts or at the point of a gun. You can, however, create a huge mound of bodies of misfits and a bare subsistence level for the majority of sullen and resentful citizens who live on the promise of nirvana in another five years, and another five years, and…. No thank you!

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Sunday, October 02, 2011


Overhaul Our Government

The Way I See It!

My political leaning is to the right, but since I cannot stand the far right’s nonsense, I aim to stand to the right of moderates, and rather far from the kooky rightists. I cannot stand the far left, or progressives, since they seem to me to be senseless and self-absorbed, prone to elliptical argumentation, and very close to downright America haters.

1. Christianity. I do see myself as a Christian, and make a strong attempt to follow the Golden Rule under all circumstances, as well as practicing the rest of the morals and ethics of my belief.

2. Constitution. My strong predilection is to show patriotism for America, adherence to her guiding principals of freedom and liberty, and her Constitution as the law of the land. I believe in the plain interpretation of the Constitution, and not the straining of words to mean something not intended. I also believe the Constitution is modern and timely and not really marred by its age at all: it is not a living document to be modified at the whim of politicians, but it is capable of being amended by due process with agreement of the people or their representatives. The right to own and use guns for self defense, and I include hunting and sport, for instance, is in our Constitution.

3. Natural Law. It easily follows that I believe in natural law, natural rights, and natural duties, since most of the laws in the Constitution are natural law derivatives.

4. Just War. Since I do believe that we have a right to defend ourselves, I also believe in Just War and Just Killing (but not murder). This translates into further belief in preemptive war if threatened, and in the death penalty.

5. Strong Defense. From my belief in the right of defense and Just War comes the further belief that we should have a strong defense capability that is ever ready to defeat our enemies both singly and in concert.

6. Strong Police Force. A strong internal police force throughout the land is to me an absolute necessity, because we have many lawless people here that must be thwarted. In addition, laws must be enforced, so the idea that police departments can ignore, subvert, or slow roll laws they do not like is simply wrong.

7. Sovereignty. I believe in the sovereignty of the nation, the strong protection of its borders, and the prevention of other authorities from subverting our sovereignty, such as the UN. In my opinion, there are far too many rogue states, unethical states and amoral states for a true international law and court to be fair. Furthermore, I do not see how we could find impartial judges that could administer the laws without some form of bias. Can we find truly honest men?

8. Free Market. I believe in the free market in general, but I also believe that we must have protections against criminal abuses of the market, investors and the customers.

9. Citizen Participation. In my opinion, we must have participation by the citizenry in the daily workings of our republic. This extends to voting at every election, supporting the cause of freedom and liberty, and supporting the nation is preservation of its sovereignty and in the wars it must pursue, and should include aid to disaster victims. Principled Dissent is proper also, I must agree. I believe in national service of some kind for everyone at some point in their lives.

10. Revenues. Taxation is necessary to provide the necessities of government, but I am opposed to the excesses of redistribution of wealth such as is currently reflected in our tax code and in the Amendment that authorizes graduated income taxes. A form of flat tax that recognizes the problems of lower income citizens is my preferred approach.

11. The Disadvantaged. We must take care of the disabled, the poor, and the jobless to the point that they are not destitute. I do think that Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare programs, with some improvements, are needed. We must not create a dependent class of citizens, however, that does not work or strive to work when they physically can work. We should have corrected abuses of these programs a long time ago!

12. Foreign Aid. Foreign aid is a difficult subject for many reasons. Humanitarian aid is often subverted to other uses by the receiving nation. Loans may be diverted to the purchase of military goods. The poor around the world cannot be brought up to a subsistence level by use of our aid; there are simply too many of them. There are few good answers, beyond teaching them “how to fish rather than giving them fish to eat” as the saying goes. Subsidizing foreign governments is in general not a good idea either, because we would often be supporting oppressive governments. I make an exception for disaster aid.

13. Right-Sized Government. There must be a “right size” for our government appropriate to the agreed functions it must perform. Since we have state and local governments, I believe in a proper division of services between the federal government and the state and local governments. I do not believe in unfunded mandates by the federal government.

It seems to me that the well-identified government organizations have topped such a gross number—over 1177 agencies, bureaus, committees, boards, and the like---that it is imperative for us to take the pruning shears to this polyglot of spenders and bring them down to size. While we are at it, I think we should place all of the government offices and budgets under very close scrutiny over some period of time by a bipartisan committee, and force them to justify their mission, methods, staffing level and money expenditures to the public, the Congress and the President all over again.

14. Congressional Overhaul. Our Congress needs to be overhauled to stop the abuses of power that current party orientations employ to the detriment of us all. Such things as: stopping earmarks; creating term limits; standardizing the rules of the house and senate; and reform of election financing, among other reforms, are needed.

15. Illegal Immigrants. Illegal immigrants have by definition violated our law and they must be treated accordingly. I am willing to consider some route to citizenship for some of them provided they are law-abiding, willing to assimilate into our society, and are not destitute and unskilled to begin with. There should be a migrant worker program that is well-controlled and effective, but not a means to disappear into the nation, or to reside in the nation without a legal basis. The bottom line is I do believe in legal immigration of people that add to our nation with their skills, morals, work ethic, and wholehearted willingness to assimilate. Non-assimilation by some measure should be cause for deportation.

16. Abortion. “Thou shalt not murder” is a commandment that must be obeyed, and it extends to prevention of abortions in most cases. Personhood begins with conception, so abortion is murder, in my opinion. The law must reflect this. Incidentally, we currently experience over 1.3 million abortions in the US per year. Think of it! (In 4. above one must differentiate between “murder” and “just killing”.)

17. Same Sex Marriage. We have a large number of same-sex couples, and a growing number of them are being married in states that permit such. I do not believe in same-sex marriage, or adoption by same-sex couples, but I must recognize the laws that exist even if I do not agree with them. I will work to rescend such laws.

18. Subverting the Constitution. Our form of government—a republic-- must be permanent, and not subject to fundamental changes in how it is structured. To try to move our nation towards socialism or communism, or totalitarianism, or “pure democracy” (as opposed to republicanism) is, in my opinion, a form of treason. This must extend to the prohibition of the government from ever owning and operating commercial businesses.

19. Overhaul of Courts. We need a court system overhaul, too. I want to consider term limits for Justices instead of lifetime appointments. When too many justices line up with the progressive opposition, and legislate from the bench, we have a terrible situation that cannot be corrected today until one or more justices retire or die, and the then administration appoints more moderate or rightist judges as replacements.

20. Speak English. We must make American English the official language of the US. I believe that most people can become proficient in English inside of a year if they apply themselves to the task, and they should if they want to assimilate easily. We spend entirely too much money catering to the language needs of immigrants and their children.

21. Education. Our education system needs a full overhaul from top to bottom. We need to break the hold that progressives have on our education, and the hold that the unions have attained. I have seen little or no correlation between the growing wages of teachers and any improvement in the educational products being delivered. We need to ensure that students learn the basics thoroughly.

22. Unions. There may be a place in our society for unions, but it is not in the US government, or in state governments. Unions should be prohibited forthwith from organizing or existing in our government at all levels.

23. Treason and Sedition. We must reform our views and laws pertaining to treason to update them to meet the threats we face today. In my opinion an act of terrorism is an act of treason, and the promotion of anti-American movements, marches, and rallies is inflammatory, inciting to do harm and seditious. No group should have a pass when it comes to the threat or execution of terrorist acts, no matter their ultimate motivation, especially in their own thinking. This specifically includes Islamic Fundamentalists that preach the overthrow of the nation and the necessity for jihad against our nation, which in my eyes are treasonous or seditious.

24. States Rights. We must adhere to the idea of a federation, and restore such rights that have been usurped by the federal government back to the states where they belong in accord with our Constitution, or back to the people themselves.

25. Fiscal Responsibility. We must return the nation to an era of common sense fiscal responsibility, rein in spending, and pay down the national debt, while reducing the annual deficit to a practical level. Our objective should be to balance the annual budget and keep it that way, barring unforeseen events such as war or devastation. Any congressman that voted for spendthrift programs and earmarks should be defeated, and any president, from either party, that leads us into such spending should be defeated also.

26. Energy Resources. The nation has substantial natural resources which produce energy: coal, hydroelectric power, oil, natural gas, sun power, and wind, and eventually perhaps wave power. We also have nuclear power which has the two problems of handling radioactive wastes and the threat of a nuclear meltdown caused by damage to the plant. My belief is that we have not pursued our resources to the maximum over the past years, and we should therefore move out sharply to rectify this shortfall and thereby materially reduce our dependence on Middle East and other nations’ oil. Solar and wind power are both not yet ready for major implementation and economic production of power. Coal represents 50% of our production, and should be the starting place for R&D to develop cleaner plants, not solar!

27. Obama Problems. We must totally eradicate just about every Obama initiative and Executive Order, every Obama appointment, and every Obama policy statement, and then begin all over to straighten out the total mess we are in.

(To be completed)


Saturday, October 01, 2011


Illegal Immigrants--Send them Home?

We have a border problem that is costing us a lot.

What are the viable solutions to controlling our border with Mexico? So far, there have been a number proposed and partially implemented: 1. the border fence, which is imperfect and incomplete, and is thwarted by the drug dealers and everyone else; 2. Border Patrols augmented somewhat, but insufficiently; 3. All manner of technical surveillance systems coupled with pursuit teams, which has had some limited successes; 4. statewide patrols that catch some truckloads of aliens but not all; 5. a significant set of laws on the books that are not enforced; 6. and National Guard units deployed essentially unarmed. No one suggests that we shoot to kill any crossers, unless, of course, they shoot first, which has happened.

I suppose the final idea is to simply leave the border open and unattended with “y’all come! signs posted around. This idea is a non-starter in my book. We do not have an EU kind of relationship with Mexico with no intra-border control at all.

If we really want to shut the border as a first act, I am reasonably certain that we could reach a 95% to 98% seal, using the above closing methods far more thoroughly, including employing our armed forces, with a dispensation for posse comitatus along the border belt. The idea that the fence allows a reduction in patrols is simply wrong. The fence is meant to make it difficult for groups to cross quickly and to detect the crossings when they do occur, but we need constant surveillance and very frequent overlapping patrols and backups. This takes money; lots of money, and a fully completed and instrumented fence and border strip. A solution must be found for the instances where the fence disrupts our own citizens’ property. How dumb can you get? This problem must have a reasonable solution.

The second act here is to create a realistic and effective large scale migrant worker program using new ID technologies, police-type supervision and really heavy fines for sponsors if they can’t supervise their workers properly. Perhaps the employers should deposit a heafty sum for each migrant worker they hire as a guarantee of their keeping control, or else.

The third act is to use very heavy fines for employers that use illegal workers, and to supervise them very often. If the jobs dry up or are under the MWP fewer will come across illegally.

The fourth act is very simple, but evidently hard to do. Have all US police organizations charged with the responsibility to identify and apprehend illegal aliens, along with the INS and Border Patrols. The police should enforce the current laws on the books, which would allow them to question suspected lawbreakers and ask them for ID wherever they are found on US territory. The police do not want this job, and they have allowed laws to be broken in their presence because they do not want to get involved. The concept of our law enforcement people refusing to enforce a law is repugnant to me. There are some legal problems involved, but they can be handled, I believe, if we want to solve the illegal alien problem at all. The INS and legal screening process would have to be streamlined and their personnel motivated to reach a deportation decision, or not, more rapidly then earlier.

Such acts would materially increase the flow of illegal aliens from the US to their homeland. Provisions would have to be made to house and feed this crowd until they are shipped home en masse, possibly by using a combination of near border housing in camps, busses, and perhaps a string of leased cruise ships from our ports eventually to theirs.

Over a five or even a ten year program, this approach could reduce the number of illegal aliens in the US substantially if it were to be fully implemented in all respects.

Of course, there are those who wish to ignore the illegality of these people and would provide them amnesty and US citizenship sooner or later. Personally, I am against amnesty. Perhaps there are ways to grant some of them immediate migrant worker status or deferrals for humanitarian reasons, so long as they are gainfully employed and pay US taxes. Sooner or later, however, they would have to return home and apply for the normal and legal immigration route. There is nothing to prevent us from increasing the number of Mexican citizens that we would allow to immigrate per year either, through the standard channels.

The “standard channels” themselves need a major overhaul as well, but that is another story.

What needs development is the fairness of our system of permissions in the INS. What is the rationale for allowing, say, a large quota from Mexico to immigrate, but to block or reduce quantities from other nations? Should there be an upper limit per year, and on and on…?

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