Sunday, October 30, 2011


Republicans! Vote!

Any Port in a Storm!

The Democratic opposition to a Romney candidacy is by convention Obama. You know, the signer of drastic, debt-raising spending bills from his cohorts in the House and Senate, and all on his own, perhaps with the help of his 40 czars, signs a raft of Executive Orders to subvert Congress and the will of the people when he can’t get his way in the democratic process. At the rate of the now standard 1.5 trillion USD deficit per year, we should be totally busted if Obama gets yet another four-year chance to outspend the sum of all previous presidents, and to hide the fact behind non-budget budgets and other subterfuges.

The obvious reaction is “any port in a storm”, be it Romney, Cain, Perry, Gingrich, or any of the others, with the exception of Paul. We couldn’t possibly be worse off with any of those candidates than with another Obama and Democratic tour of destruction and prolonged economic disaster.

Yet there are those who will vote again for what has become the most disastrous presidency in history, and the most outrageous set of Leftwing demagogic Democratic congressmen and woman in history to foster the Left’s plans, which clearly illustrates the absolute lunacy of the Left. We all know the financial mistakes made in previous presidencies, because they were well and truly published before the 2008 election, yet the Left, led by Obama, and a fully Democratic Congress, did nothing in three years to correct them, but rather in all deliberate haste and chicanery tripled down on them! Tripled down!

No thank you!



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