Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Are We Really Anti-Science?

I do not think so at all for the following reasons (among others):

There are over 5,000 cataloged theorems in science, some of the most famous of which are:

The General Theory of Relativity

The Special Theory of Relativity

Quantum Theory

The Standard Model of Particle Physics

Newtonian Physics

The Neo-Darwinian Theory of Evolution (NDT)

Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory (AGW)

Some scientists would have it that if we have serious doubts about the latter two theories we are anti-science. Never mind that we buy into by far the majority of the 5,000 theories in the catalog, if we doubt Darwin or Man-made Global Warming we are not supporting science! This is rank nonsense.

Not only is it nonsense, in itself the statement is anti-science, since science is an open quest for the truth, and along with that quest comes reasonable doubts about the existing base of evidence supporting the current theories of science.

Let us examine Darwin briefly:

1) There are no intermediate forms for the species, especially for the Pre-Cambrian period as Darwin’s Theory demands. None!

2) Speciation during the Pre-Cambrian period was almost immediate and left virtually no time at all for gradual evolution as Darwin demands.

3) Microevolution requires infinite time to hopefully produce the complex molecule structures in animals by random selection, which is mathematically impossible.

Therefore, one can quite properly have doubts about NDT.

Then let us examine Anthropogenic Global Warming briefly:

1) Base data was massaged to fit.

2) Sufficient knowledge of the interaction of the sun, clouds, water vapor, and cosmic rays is lacking in the formulations.

3) Earth’s natural rotation cycles account for most temperature variations.

4) There are unscientific motivations to sell the public on AGW by frightening them in order to gain massive economic and fiscal control over our resources and governments.

Thus, there are valid reasons to doubt AGW has been properly analysed.

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