Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Obama's Sins Emerging Clearly

Obfuscation Tactics

Let me see, how many obfuscation tactics are available to deflect the import of documented sins if one is totally ruthless? Here is a short and incomplete list that can appear at any stage in any order! These tactics hold for office holders and for defenders of the faith! Some have already appeared!

1. Shoot the messenger! First thing they do; check!

2. Shoot the author! Second thing!; check!

3. Call the collected data a “hit piece” by biased people!; check!

4. Call the evidence to be somehow tainted!; TBD

5. Pick one accusation and find a supposed flaw, which is then used to try to discredit the entire set; TBD

6. Assure the silence of key potential witnesses; UNKN

7. Stonewall each accusation, and hide the data; UNKN

8. Blanket denials, lies and destroy the evidence (illegal in itself!); UNKN

9. Use executive privelege to deny access to data; check

10. Simply deny access and ignore court orders, etc; check

11. Bush did it; check

12. Bush did it too!; check

13. Other excuses; TBD

13. Clinton did it; check
14. X group or X individual did it, not me; check

15. Mount a counter argument that deflects the thrust; check

16. Assume the authority and challenge questioners; check

17. Publish counter reports from a biased perspective; check

18. Tie up the arguments in definitional problems and legal snares; check

19. Tie up the arguments in alternate interpretations of laws; check

Instances of most of these tactics are documented in Limbaugh’s book: “Crimes Against Liberty.”


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