Friday, August 12, 2011


Our Socialist Neighbors

What is it that turns people towards socialism and communism?

Here are a few possible reasons:

1. They are poor and need all the assistance they can get; and, they have the vote. So they flock to the party that promises, promises, and promises a better life. They forget, however, that the same promises were made in the last election, and the one before that, and still remain unfulfilled.

2. They are not so poor but see turning socialist as a way to a more plush, exciting and event-filled life, with lots of confrontations, and lots of marching militantly around with signs, and they see that paying for entitlements with other people’s money is no sacrifice for them.

3. They are reasonably well off, but their hearts bleed for the not so well off. They believe in the infinite perfectibility of Man and Utopia, so they work for these (unrealizable) ideals. Often these people are well educated by our progressive universities, have atheistic leanings, and come out swinging for socialist programs, not having the leavening of hearing the other side of the story—ever!

4. They are reasonably well off and see turning socialist as a means to increase their personal power. They thirst for the power of office to do something for the downtrodden, which the downtrodden gladly accept at the 10 cents on the dollar appropriated that manages to filter down to them.

5. They are very well off, and do not need government assistance, nor is their wealth easily attacked by the government, so they have the time, energy, and means to indulge themselves in progressive movements, mostly for the power trip it entails, and for the ideal of a Utopia at the end of the day(while they know very well that it has been proven that Utopias can never be realized!). Thus, they are first class hypocrites, mouthing such empty slogans as Hope and Change!

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