Tuesday, August 09, 2011


DoubleSpeak 2011

This was destined for 1984, but it is flowering late in 2011!

Tea Party = Terrorists.
Fair Share of Taxes = 60% Pay None, Let Top 2 % pay 90% of all taxes.
Republicans = Throw Grandma Out The Window.
The Only Way Ahead = Obama's Way or No Way.
Reduce Spending I = Take a Symbolic 1% Cut Now, and Raise it back in 2012 (after the election).
Obamacare Will Save Money = Projected 15% Increase per year in Medical Spending Through 2016.
Reduce Spending II = Cut Defense by Half, we don't need so many troops or weapons, despite two wars, and a bunch of nations getting very hostile: China; Iran; Russia; Pakistan; NK to mention a few, all nukers!
Reduce Spending III = Make it up in reduced fraud and theft in government programs (why only now?).
Free Speech = Approved by the Administration Only. Cut out Fox.
Have a Nice Dinner = Only with approved ingredients.
Your Child is Being Educated = In the Socialist Way, and forget American History and Ideals.
New Car? = Buy Government Motors!
Friendly Foreign Nations? = Who Needs Them!
Economy Fix? = Government Control of the Means of Production. (Marx is alive and well)
Unions in Government? = How Else Will They Achieve Pay One and a Half to Two Times the Private Sector Average? Get rid of government unions!
More Government Employees? = Well aren't they off the dole?
Only 9.1% Unemployed! = Forgetting about the 14% that have stopped looking! Reality = 23.1%
Raise Taxes = They need to spend more?
Islamic Terrorist Threat? = Aw, just a few kooks in ragheads; don't worry about it!
National Borders? = Who needs them? Stop the fence, it is too expensive!
National Sovereignty? = Who needs it? Let the UN run us.
National Budget? = Who needs it? We have gotten along without one for two years!
Make Your Fortune? = Beware of Redistribution of Wealth programs and taxes

This is definitely not my America!



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