Thursday, May 19, 2011


Wishful Thinking

On many recent occasions I have reacted to events stemming from the current administration with the thought that America would be far better off if Elitist Progressives were to somehow disappear: all of them! Then, I had a second thought that quite a few Radical Rightwing people might have to disappear also simply to balance the body politic properly and prevent any sort of Rightist revolution. 

What do I mean by “somehow disappear?” I mean just exactly that. They are somehow suddenly and permanently no longer in their usual positions of power and influence over we the people. They no longer try to push their vision of society onto us instead of the Constitutional Republic that we were gifted with by the Founding Fathers. They simply cease to be in the public eye, and leave the nation to those of us who believe in America by and large as she is and has been for some 230 years, not as some leftwing radical dreamers think they know how she should be. Virtually every one of my list of the 100 worst horrors in America today would instantly resolve themselves and fade into the background.

You might ask: “do I mean kill them?” Certainly not! All I mean is that they go home instantly and tend to their own knitting, play bridge or chess, go boating, travel the world, party all day, write a book, or do useful and constructive work (if they know how), but they do not enter into the political arena or government service ever again (except to vote, of course).  Their voices would not be heard on the national scene again, either. Their lies and half truths, their set pieces and schemes, and their false choices would never confuse the electorate again, and the media would perforce have to come round to honest reporting and analysis rather than being a megaphone for the worst of Elitist Progressive ideas and the worst of Progressive people.  What is more important, we could begin to balance the books once more and eliminate the massive national debt these radicals have saddled us with, which would be most appreciated by our children and their children.

Oh how I wish I could snap my fingers and make this happen!

Snap!  Snap!  Snap!

Damn! It didn’t work!



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