Saturday, February 26, 2011


Unions in Government

Unions should not be allowed to operate within government organizations.

Collective bargaining by unions has no place in the government sector.
Government wage scales and benefits are set by Legislatures and the Administrative sector of government, both of which are elected representatives of the people.

If you allow unions to muscle into this picture, you have totally subverted the role and mission of the Legislature and the Administration, and hence, the fundamental citizen-representative relationship of a Republic. For some, the union members, you have added a citizen-union-representative relationship; but for the majority you have forced non-union members to accept and pay for the wage negotiations conducted solely between the representatives and the union. Further, it is obvious that union contributions in the form of funds and votes can sway the Legislators.

Unions have self-preservation as their primary goal, not service to the nation or state. Thus, the very objectives of unions are antithetical to good order in the state, so that when the state needs to proceed in a certain direction that turns out to be against the union’s objectives, there is a an unnecessary and wrenching fight.

Unions can and do call for strikes when they are not succeeding in their mission to up the ante for their people, and themselves. A union strike or walk-out in a government sector operation is injurious to all of the citizens relying on that operation. This is unacceptable.



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