Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Bush Stays Aloof

We Need More Facts and Less Generalities

As a Conservative, I have several real problems with the Administration today, and I guess I have had them for a while, but just didn't want to lay the facts on the table. For what they are worth, here is my current list of issues that need to be explicated in far greater detail by Bush himself, before I am truly back on board.

1) I believe we have all heard the general outlines of the action plan for Iraq from Bush. What we haven't heard are incremental progress reports with positive measures of what is going on there. What we do get are daily attacks on the policy for Iraq by the opposition, but little of substance from the Administration. In fact, it seems from observation that the Bush Administration is loathe to go into details with the public. We hear of sweeps through the Eastern part of Iraq to clear the terrorists out, but we get no further information about the place of concern after the battle is over. Sweeps are great, but unless you occupy the territory, the terrorists will be back in business there very soon after the last troops withdraw. So what towns are being strongly held by our side now, and what towns are still in doubt? More details like these would help tremendously. There are other measures of success also that we can think up and report on to give a more complete picture of whether we are winning or not. How about coming clean on the real status of Iraqi forces?

2) Party discipline seems to have gone out the window for the GOP. I get no warm feeling that the Republican members are all lined up behind the Bush agenda, or any other agenda for that matter, except personal advantage. They are faced with an opposition that votes en masse for their views by and large. We should see more unity of purpose and action now from the GOP. The leadership has defaulted in the last months.

3) The situation with illegal immigrants has been booted down the road for far too long by this administration. The basic elements of a plan was given here earlier, and I see no reason to hold off on solving this problem-- starting right now. Bush should step up and outline the entire problem and the steps he is championing as soon as possible. I do not think he has done this in a convincing manner, and with measurable results.

4) The budget is a football also, with some in the GOP playing games again. I believe that the pork in the budget should be eliminated entirely. What has Bush said about this? Nothing. What about the deficit? Are we on track to reduce the deficit or not, and if not why? What is to be done over the next three years to get the budget in line?

5) I am sure that there are good reasons for Bush to travel all over the world now, but with the Party and agenda in jeopardy here, perhaps it would be in our best interest in Bush stayed around to clean up the disarray that I think I see in the Party.

Friday, November 25, 2005


Newspaper Bias

The WAPO is a Balanced Paper!

I was just watching a program with 83 year old Ben Bradly, former chief editor of the WAPO, and now a VP for something or another, on the subject of trust in the media, especially newspapers. As one might expect, he sees no bias, he sees no slant, and he sees no orders from the top to run or not run stories in the WAPO. In other words, from his perspective, the WAPO is a pristine paper, that runs stories in a balanced way! Time after time, he defended the WAPO against any and all charges of biased reporting, and took what help he could get from the other panelists, by accepting their excuses for bias elsewhere, such as in the NYT. I found it rather obvious what he was doing: spinning!

I have subscribed to the WAPO for a good part of 50 years, and I have watched it slant stories heavily in favor of the anti-Bush sentiment, in favor of the progressive agenda, and in favor of Democratic candidates throughout its last 15 or 20 years. All very subtle texchniques, but designed to put a negative twist on the Republicans and Bush wherever they find an opportunity. Mostly, they use loaded words, and negative adjectives to turn a straight story into yet another diatribe that tries to nudge the public mind in their direction, which at last count was heavily Liberal in both the newsroom and in the editorial staff. You know the drill: Kerry speaks forcefully to a large and sympathetic crowd; while Bush rails at the few that turned out to hear him, sort of phraseology, when they were both speaking to exactly the same audience!

It is all in the twists of mind by the reporters and the editors, and I do resent Mr. Bradly's disingenuous defense, although what should I have expected? For him to admit on public TV that the WAPO was biased as hell? Well, in my view they are very biased. So what is new?

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Illegal Immigration: Why is it so Hard to Fix?

We Need the Will to Succeed in Stopping Illegal Immigration

First: Build the fence. Yes it's 2,000 miles long. Yes, it would be expensive. But the problems of illegal immigration are far more expensive to the US in every state in the union.

Second: Back up the fence with adequate Border Patrols, even if it is double the current number. So what? We can and should pay for it.

Third: Give local and state authorities, the police, state troopers, as well as the border Patrol, the right to expel illegal immigrants immediately, wherever they are found. If someone cannot identify themselves as a US citizen or a foreigner with valid papers, he should be shown the border right away. The INS is ineffective here, and I see no reason for a hearing before a judge either, except in unusual cases.

Fourth: Enforce the laws on the books regarding illegal entry. In particular, go after the individuals or companies that hire illegals or suspiciously credentialled persons, and penalize them heavily if they are found to have illegals working for them. Say a hundred thousand dollars per individual found. A second conviction should result in jail for 5 to 10 years. Make it uneconomical for people to hire illegals. If this means hiring more investigators then hire them.

Fifth: Set up not only a better quota system for legal entry, but also a workable guest worker program that permits good workers to come to the US and work for some period of time under controlled conditions. Make it easy to do it the right way, and very hard to do it the wrong way.
Second offenders found to have entered illegally should face imprisonment and then deportation.

Sixth: Stop automatically granting US citizenship to the children born of illegal immigrants. Cut out the family kin sponsorship rules for all but next of kin.

I believe these six changes would see the effective end to mass illegal excursions over the borders. Anyone have other ideas to add?


Iraq and the Left

The Iraq War

We are executing the plan set forth in general terms by the President. We have had success in executing the plan, notably the elections and the adoption of the Constitution, with general elections under that Constitution to come shortly. We have paid a price for this success in terms of over 2,000 dead, many thousands wounded, and huge expenditures from our national treasury.

We are now faced with a solidifying left-wing opposition movement that reminds me of how we shamefully exited Vietnam, and thus allowed the massacre of millions by the Communists later on. In Laos, in Cambodia, and in Vietnam, those who worked with us or for freedom were brutally killed, sent to barren lands to starve to death, or were imprisoned for years for "reeducation".

Such an exit from Iraq is not to be condoned! Leaving a fledgling government to fend for itself too early in its existence is exactly the wrong thing to do. It also gives the wrong signal to the insurgents, that all they have to do is wait us out, then they can move to take over once more. Such an outcome dishonors the troops that have given their blood for Iraqi freedom. It dishonors the US citizens who have given their support to the war. Pullout would ensure the continuation, and even acceleration, of the Islamic jihad movement.

I am pleased that Hillary Clinton has shown her true colors now, along with her husband, Slick Willy. They are leading the pack of liberals down the road of pullout. They are a disgrace to the US. But then, we knew that all along.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Stealing Christmas

Big Chains Cave in to Christmas Scrooges

We have a tiny minority of atheists and agnostics that are forcing their ideas down our throats. OK, you merchants that have caved in to the scrooges, you will be boycotted by my family. That includes Target, Wal-Mart, COSCO, Lowes, and any other stores that decide not to use the word Christmas in their advertising or inside their premises. One small voice here, but if the rest of the Christians speak out loudly and boycott these merchants, they will have to rethink their positions. What is worse, a 50% drop in their revenue, or the cost of being sued by the ACLU? This has gone much too far now. Come on, people, let's show them we want Christmas back!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Key Issues for 2006/2008

Two Dozen Objectives for the Right

At least these issues must be attacked by the Right-Republicans forcefully and consistently over the next year or so to ensure wins in 2006. The Presidential race will also benefit from keeping these issues fresh and alive before the public:

The War: Spell out the winning plan and our progress; stay the course!
Illegal Immigration and Guest workers: Fix both! Legal Immigration too!
Alternate Energy: Nuclear Power; Fuels like Hydrogen; oil drilling.
The Deficit: Are we on track to reduce it or not? Get control!
Spending: Reining in the spendthrifts in Congress, especially PORK!
Defense Spending: Keeping us strong throughout the century!
Defense Reorganization and Reequipping: The “Pentagon's New Map” Idea.
Education Reform: Throwing more money at it is not the solution!
Breaking the Bad Unions' Grip: Education, ACLU, and?
Social Security Reform: Bush is right, it will break the bank.
Medicare/Medicaid: Remove the illegals; reform financially; no socialization.
CIA and DOS Reform: They have become far too independent and leaky.
The UN: Go around it and set up a Coalition of Democratic Governments.
ICC: continue to thwart it: develop alternatives we can live with.
Taxes: Go for a flat tax. Eliminate most of the IRS.
Nuclear Proliferation: Get very serious about Iran and North Korea.
Thwarting Liberals: They need to be pushed off the scene! Liars /dissemblers.
China Policy: Recognize the threat and plan to cope with it strongly.
US Image: Do well in the above and forget about image management. Just be good!
Reduce the Federal Government; kill off bunches of Agencies as useless.
Reverse Unconstitutional Court Decisions: legislate them out of existence.
Get the GOP Under Control: they are fractionated and unruly, so you don't win.
Use the Web to Get the Truth Out: Go around the MSM; use bloggers.
Tort Reforms: reduce the number of lawsuits and award sizes.

More issues will be added as they are identified. The plan is to expound on each of these issues in the following weeks in more detail.

Friday, November 11, 2005



What, Why, Who

What is torture?

I will go along with the common definition, that torture is the application of physical or mental pain-inducing techniques to a person.

Why Torture?

There have historically been many reasons for torturing someone: to obtain a confession for a crime; punishment; revenge; to attempt alteration of their views; to obtain information; and pure sadism.

Who Performs Torture?

Many different groups of people worldwide regularly perform aspects of torture on others: police; intelligence agencies; criminal organizations; military troops; insurgents; terrorists; and, at one time or another in history, religious orders. It is a common act, although it is highly illegal in most Western countries. If the truth be known, it has been a "backroom" practice in many jurisdictions in the US and other Western countries, and it is kept from the public as far as possible. In recent years, excess use of force by police has been questioned and prosecuted, but no one really believes that such backroom practices have been fully stamped out.

Should The US Government Use Torture?

The answer to this should be a resounding NO! We must not condone the use of torture in our society. But, are there any exceptions to this? I believe there is an exception.

In this day and age of Weapons of Mass Destruction, terrorism, and acts of unbelievable horror and death to civilians, I believe a case must be made to permit torture of captured suspects who are thought to have a direct connection to terrorist organizations that have threatened the US population with WMD attacks. I do not know how to control this other than by case-by-case permission of the President himself, with no delegation possible, who would be acting to save, or attempting to save, US citizens from a devastating attack.

We have given the President the power to commit our armed forces into harm's way, which is also the possible or probable commitment of our men to death or wounding, and others to a similar fate, especially the enemy. Thus the power of life or death over many people is in his hands in any event. So, to me the power to use torture to potentially save millions of US citizens from WMD attacks is an obvious and necessary extension to the President's war and defense powers, ugly and repulsive as such acts are to us.

Monday, November 07, 2005


France at War

French Army Reserves Called Up

It was reported today that in view of the continued devastation in the nation the French Army was being called out and some reserves activated. It was also reported that over 50,000 vehicles have been torched! If verified, this is a far more serious situation than originally thought, and may eventually lead to the fall of the Chirac government for its tepid responses so far.

Here again is the concept of terrorist tactics: hit and run, and never face the Army or the Police in a head-to-head fight. Shades of Iraqi insurgency tactics, is it not, but now in France! A curfew will help a bit, but so long as the forces use rubber bullets and tear gas to try to rein in the terrorists, they will not succeed. The reason is simple: the terrorists know that rubber bullets are not lethal, although at close range they can be very hurtful and bruising, so they ride or fight with helmets and heavy leather jackets on which is sufficient armor to protect them most of the time.

The perimeter of the Paris suburbs of concern is quite long, perhaps 60 to 80 or more miles around, and 10 to 15 miles in radius. The number of troops and police required to shut this area down tight is large. If they only block the main streets, the motorcycles of the terrorists will not be hindered from reaching out from their base positions to any other cities they wish, especially if they are sufficiently organized to use cell phones to report on blockades and free roads. Another report today was that 400 French cities had experienced torching of vehicles so far.

France is assuredly in a war. A war she must win, or we will see the partitioning of the nation into Muslim and non-Muslim sectors or cantonments, which would be a huge victory for Islam in Europe. And so goes France, so goes the rest of Europe, baloney slice at a time. This time, I am not in favor of coming to their aid, not that we would be asked, for it is their own internal policies, actions and attitudes that have created this insurrection. Let them solve it themselves. After all, it is merely a few youths on motorbikes isn't it? They ought to be able to handle that themselves.

UPDATE 11/8/05 10:55 PM

The number of autos burned seems to have been more like 5,000 to date, not 50,000 as originally reported. Plus, it was police reserves not Army reserves that were called out. So much for Fox.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


France, Even Europe, At A Crossroads

The Limits to Diversity and Multiculturalism Are Now Evident

We desparately need to understand what is happening in Europe. The European nations found a plentiful labor supply in immigrants and "guestworkers" from Arab countries to perform the menial tasks of society that they felt was beneath them. In successive decades, the trickle became a flood of immigrants, and of late it has become a tsunami that has materially altered the demography of every nation in the EU. As I pointed out in previous posts, Muslims will make up over 50% of the population of Europe by 2050. They are also procreating at an explosive rate, while all of Europe is not even at a replacement level of births.

Muslims do not assimilate well into European cultures, the leaders of which (mainly the Elites!) would prefer that the guestworkers stay in their assigned pigeonholes for life and not rock the national boats. Immigrants, for all of the fancy so-called modernism of European society, are most definitely at the bottom of the scale economically and socially. Muslims, for all of the equality and fraternitie supposedly practiced in Europe by its citizenry, are at the very lowest in class, and they are not trusted. The very idea of assimilation is an anathema to most citizens, especially since they have yet to assimilate adequately the hordes of colonial citizens that were given the right to immigrate to the former Empire nations. The truth is out now. Bigotry, discrimination, and social snobbery are rampant in Europe, perhaps excluding the youth, who have been far more willing to think colorfree and originfree.

An added trend is what has been termed Post-Christianism, which has depleated the churches in favor of secularism, nihilism and existentialism, thus leaving the population spiritually rudderless in the face of a determined religious sect that has had a many centuries-old desire to conquer Europe. It is of far more than mere academic interest to observe just how the Europeans end up coping with this dire threat to their way of life over the next decade. In fact, anything they do now may be just too little and too late to preserve their dearly-held beliefs in personal freedoms and liberty. Thus, draconian measures may be what is needed, but such measures as total or even partial but significant deportation of Muslims is simply not in the cards. Nor is accomodation possible, except on Islamic terms, meaning that they are always willing to take a breather to consolidate their gains, before turning up the heat again later on.

For the reasons I have cited above, I believe that we will see the conversion of Europe to Islamic forms of government within the 2050 timeframe. Our heritage from Europe will become mere curiosities of a bygone culture, totally dominated by a neo-15th century Islamic culture. What we spilled massive blood and treasure to preserve in the 20th century will fall with a gurgle and a whimper to Islam. And you may observe that there are those in the US who want us to adopt an open society with open borders, want us to worship diversity and multiculturalism, and to welcome all who come to our nation, without exception!

Que dommage!


Paris Burning (or should it be: France Burning?)

More Muslims in France Rioting and Becoming Radicalized

Yes, all over France Muslim youth are rioting. The French police, for all of their 2,500 men deployed, have not been effective in shutting the riots down. They are using minimal force in their attempts to quell the rioting, and as far as one can surmise, the rioters are not responding to police threats, nor are they responding to the pleas of their Muslim elders who have tried to put a lid on the violence. The police cannot be everywhere in force, as the rioters seem to know very well, so they scoot around to ever more new neighborhoods to wreck their vengence on innocent French citizens and their property.

I do wish the police well in their attempts, but I fear that they are merely putting fingers in the dike to hold back the tide. The next phase may have the French Army being called out in force to round up the rioters, and put them behind bars to await trial. If the rioters continue to escalate their response, and to open fire on police and soldiers, there will be a bloodbath.

French citizens have been voicing the idea of ad hoc neighborhood defense groups or private militia to protect their families and their property. If this comes about, and I believe it will in a few places, there will most probably be bloody clashes between the rioters and the civil militias. This will fan the rioters even more, and the citizens extrodinarily more, leading to larger and more deadly encounters.

France, tonight, is burning.

Friday, November 04, 2005


Paris in Chaos

Assimilation of Muslims Not Succeeding

Muslim youth, who are not able to get meaningful work, and are not assimilated into French society, have been rioting destructively for over a week in the Northeast suburbs of Paris. This is a harbringer of what is going to happen all over Europe, as the Muslims, who have immigrated in the millions to every country there, decide to reorganize the laws to suit their ideas-- Sharia, for example. Perhaps 20% of the European population is now Muslim, which is a force to be reckoned with.

It has been predicted that without changes in the immigration policies, the EU will be over 50% Muslim by 2025-2050. The stated objective of Muslim leaders is to Islamicize Europe by 2050, and extend the Caliphate throughout. France is not the first to have riots and car burnings. The fine toleration of the socialistic leaders in Europe is under direct attack. It will be instructive to watch them try to cope with this onslaught of basically fanatic religious Muslims, and to preserve France as a nation that we all recognize as French!

Might this happen here? Many think so!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


The Political Spectrum

The political spectrum in the US is quite broad, but lately I have observed some attempts to move the goalposts around. The Left seems to want to be labelled "Center!" So, I have set up my own version by which I tag people as being "Far Left" or "Far Right," and so on.

Far Left----------- Communists, Rabid Socialists.
Left---------------- Moderate Socialists, Secular Humanists, Libertarians, Rabid Liberals.
Left of Center-----Old-Fashioned Southern Democrats, Moderate Liberals.
Right of Center---Old-Fashioned Republicans, and Moderate Conservatives.
Right-- ------------Conservatives, and so-called "Neocons".
Far Right----------Dominionists, Rabid Theists, Minutemen, Rabid Neocons and the like.

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