Tuesday, May 27, 2008



There is no sense in talking to the enemy without clear objectives laid out in advance by both sides. A negotiation newbie in this scenario would be eaten alive. Obama is not only a newbie, he is a fakir. That is, someone that is two-faced. Obama is a card-carrying Black Liberation Movement member, and worse, is enamored of Marxism, although he pines for "change". I wonder whose change he means: Democracy or Communism.

See: http://rightwingnuthouse.com/index.php for late-breaking skinny on Obama.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


World Government--NO!

Why I Am Against World Government

1. Foreign Control: I do not accept that there would be substantial foreign control of our laws, our way of life, and how we are governed.

2. Bureaucratic Nightmare: Our own government is already far too complex for men to understand. Adding a significant layer on top of this complexity would ensure that the average citizen would be submerged, never to be seen again. The added cost of this layer would be substantial, for little return in concrete benefits. It is not the US that would benefit, but the poorer nations. This is simply another scheme for forced redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor.

3. Financial Corruption on a Super Scale: The UN currently wants all nations to contribute 0.7% of the gross national product of each member to the annual fund. For the US, with a GNP of 13 trillion dollars, that would mean over 910 billion dollars donated to UN care. Does anyone think that this kind of money could be handled by the UN with no corruption? I don't, and we have the OFF program as Example One to prove the point.

4. A Stacked Deck Against the US: Currently, the UN is stacked against us by a large margin, and if their legislation could be forced on us, you can be sure that it would be to our detriment. Any future so-called World Government would evolve into the same situation, where we are outvoted at every turn. This is not in our interests at all.

5. Amorality/Immorality: Many of the 200-odd nations in the world appear to have no moral guidance at all, and permit behaviors that we in the West cannot abide. At any one time there are an average of 30 wars or major insurrections going on around this stellar group of nations, and many others are in some form of dictatorship. Genocides are common, and foreigners are often treated as targets for their anger, resulting in mutilations and death for the hapless visitors. Such nations are not acceptable partners.

6. An Opportunity for Redirection: Once power has been transferred to a central world government, there will be opportunities for unscrupulous nations and individuals to seize control of the apparatus and redirect things their way. This is especially true once the central government obtains its own strong armed forces not beholden to any nation. The tax bill will become gargantuan.

7. Kangaroo Courts: As has been demonstrated by the Belgian ICC, international courts can go to extremes quickly. Our President, his staff and key generals were about to be arrested and tried under ICC rules for acts of war. This shows the errant power an international court system can appropriate for itself and apply to our people. Thank you, no.

8. Readiness Factor: For all of the above reasons, it is easily concluded that the world is not yet ready for a democratic government having its own enforcement capability and its own taxation authority. The world of nations is far too immature, conflicted, self-centered, amoral, and corrupt.

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Monday, May 19, 2008


A Right-of-Center Mantra

Preliminary Thoughts (Lots more to go!)

(Revision I: May 21, 2008 )

A. What we want to do! (Security, Good Jobs, Pride, Health)

1. Strengthen our nation (spiritually, morally, intellectually, socially, financially, and militarily)

2. Create new jobs (manufacturing, services, information, small business enterprises)

3. Trade worldwide ( Our products and services for their resources and products)

4. Invent solutions to major problems (oil depletion, renewable energy, hydrogen, health and health care)

5. Delegate to the States (education, personal preferences such as: abortion, gay marriage)

6. Build and renew our infrastructure (roads and streets, bridges, rails, buildings, super-internet)

B. What we must do! (Plan, Organize, Work, Measure)

1. Be Thrifty: spend only what we must ( no new feel-good spending initiatives—none!)

2. Budget within income and create surpluses ( cut entitlements where effective)

3. Reduce the deficit ( use the surplus to reduce our indebtedness)

4. Reform taxes; tax only what we must ( a leaner government needs less taxes, consider the FairTax proposal seriously)

5. Preserve our Constitution, our institutions, our sovereignty (they are all under attack)

6. Fix things that need fixing ( Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, 1,177 government agencies, the education system, schools, school choice, unionization in education)

7. Nix things that need nixing (rabid, uncalled for Secularism, silly gun laws)

8. Fence out who we must ( Illegal entrants, smugglers, potential terrorists, Anti-Americans )

9. Defend our nation (against terrorism, against world government eroding our sovereignty)

10. Finish what must be finished ( Iraq, Iran, Palestine, GWOT, Islamic fanatics and Jihadists)

11. Reform the government ( Congressional ethics, ethics rules with teeth, term limits, campaign financing, tort law, INTEL & CIA, DHS, STATE, IRS, Line-Item-Veto, unrelated riders on bills, sneak ways of passing bills, horse-trading between bills, legislating from the bench, Takings., and many others in the 1,177 agencies, committees, boards, commissions, etc )

12. Help those in dire need ( natural disaster victims, the ill, the disabled, and the poorest)

13. Reform the welfare state (promote personal initiative, personal responsibility)

14. Promote every citizen to be a solid Stakeholder in the US and issue them a personal identity card (work, invest, serve, vote, patriotism)

15. Conserve where we must (environment, energy, emissions, waste, pollution, greenery)

16. Reform our foreign relations policies on a nation-by-nation basis, and strengthen true democracies. (this would be in parallel with the house-cleaning at STATE)

17. Reduce our participation and contribution to the UN, and marginalize it :
(the UN has become not only corrupt and dangerous to our sovereignty, but actively hostile to the US. We should seek partners in world governance that are true democracies. Negative UN decisions about our nation are to be rejected. )

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Monday, May 12, 2008


Tell Me, Which are the 7 New States?

Did I hear correctly? Obama is talking about 57 states in the US of A? Who has he annexed? The entire Central America? Unforgivably Dumb!

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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Who Rules the Nation?

The Complexity of Our Government

Few people realize the enormous complexity of the US Government. Everyone knows there are three main divisions of the government: Administrative; Legislative and Judicial. Each of these divisions is rather large in themselves, with the greatest manpower vested in the Administrative, mainly because of the Department of Defense. So be it; the job of running the nation and defending her is certainly a huge one. It has been stated that over 40% of the legal workers in the US are government employees.

There is another organizational aspect that escapes too much attention, in my view, and that is the many and diverse semi- autonomous agencies of the government that have huge staffs, a charter from the legislature, and an annual budget of perhaps in the billions. These Agencies include some well-known operations, among them the: Bureaus of the Census, ATF, Immigration, Prisons, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the CIA, the FBI, the Social Security Administration, the Postal Service, Customs and Border Patrol, and the IRS (every one's favorite!). But the total extent of these Agencies is not clear to the average citizen.

To get a better handle on the number of these entities, I went to the Louisiana State University Library (on line), and discovered that this Library had a definitive list! In categories, the list includes:

Committees, Commisions, and Boards 63

Executive Agencies 834

Independent Agencies 132

Judicial Agencies 45

Legislative Agencies 79

Quasi-Official Agencies 24

That is a total of 1,177 federal organizations that affect you and me in some direct or indirect way, and that we pay for through our taxes. One would think that to understand each of these Agencies thoroughly, and to prune this tree effectively would be an impossible job. And so it has been, what with bureaucratic turf battles, congressional support for favorite efforts, and budget battles of titanic proportions. The inertia built up over time has become a millstone around necks of those that would cut the budget and cut the complexity of our government. President Bush, for example tried to foster changes of a modest nature in the Social Security entitlements and was rebuked strongly by Congress.

The IRS has been a favorite target for some wanting radical changes to the tax code, which has become a nightmare for the average and above average wage earners who pay 83% of all taxes.

Some have argued for a flat tax that everyone pays if they make over a certain amount per year. Something like 18% of earnings. So far, these ideas for change have not been acted upon.

The point here is that these 1, 177 self-perpetuating and self-serving organizations need to be thoroughly overhauled and cut where cutting makes sense, and combined where it makes sense. I have not heard any candidate talk about these factors in our bloated government.


Saturday, May 03, 2008


Obama the Expedient

Where the leading candidate chops off a head.

Does anyone really believe Obama now? He has earned the title "The Expedient" for his oft delayed repudiation of his 20-year Pastor-- Wright. It all smacks of chicanery and reluctant recognition that Wright had become a political liability (which he certainly has!), so off with his head!

But, you see, he loves Wright! Once Obama is safely in the White House, they will again be busom friends. Bet on it!

Power corrupts, and it is nowhere more evident than in the race for president. Who gets trampled, and whose head is chopped off is simply whoever gets in the way.

(For that matter, Clinton is no slouch either in chopping heads off: Democratic Expediency! )

A pox on both their houses.

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