Sunday, May 25, 2008


World Government--NO!

Why I Am Against World Government

1. Foreign Control: I do not accept that there would be substantial foreign control of our laws, our way of life, and how we are governed.

2. Bureaucratic Nightmare: Our own government is already far too complex for men to understand. Adding a significant layer on top of this complexity would ensure that the average citizen would be submerged, never to be seen again. The added cost of this layer would be substantial, for little return in concrete benefits. It is not the US that would benefit, but the poorer nations. This is simply another scheme for forced redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor.

3. Financial Corruption on a Super Scale: The UN currently wants all nations to contribute 0.7% of the gross national product of each member to the annual fund. For the US, with a GNP of 13 trillion dollars, that would mean over 910 billion dollars donated to UN care. Does anyone think that this kind of money could be handled by the UN with no corruption? I don't, and we have the OFF program as Example One to prove the point.

4. A Stacked Deck Against the US: Currently, the UN is stacked against us by a large margin, and if their legislation could be forced on us, you can be sure that it would be to our detriment. Any future so-called World Government would evolve into the same situation, where we are outvoted at every turn. This is not in our interests at all.

5. Amorality/Immorality: Many of the 200-odd nations in the world appear to have no moral guidance at all, and permit behaviors that we in the West cannot abide. At any one time there are an average of 30 wars or major insurrections going on around this stellar group of nations, and many others are in some form of dictatorship. Genocides are common, and foreigners are often treated as targets for their anger, resulting in mutilations and death for the hapless visitors. Such nations are not acceptable partners.

6. An Opportunity for Redirection: Once power has been transferred to a central world government, there will be opportunities for unscrupulous nations and individuals to seize control of the apparatus and redirect things their way. This is especially true once the central government obtains its own strong armed forces not beholden to any nation. The tax bill will become gargantuan.

7. Kangaroo Courts: As has been demonstrated by the Belgian ICC, international courts can go to extremes quickly. Our President, his staff and key generals were about to be arrested and tried under ICC rules for acts of war. This shows the errant power an international court system can appropriate for itself and apply to our people. Thank you, no.

8. Readiness Factor: For all of the above reasons, it is easily concluded that the world is not yet ready for a democratic government having its own enforcement capability and its own taxation authority. The world of nations is far too immature, conflicted, self-centered, amoral, and corrupt.

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