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Fitna should be seen.

I suppose it is true that many Muslims have not read the Koran, the Hadith, or any of the Fatwas that define the official faith of Islam. They take their understanding of Islam from their local imam and visiting clerics. The Koran is written in Arabic in the first place, and to purchase a translated copy may be more than many can afford.

This means that some large percentage of Muslims are simply ignorant of the larger problems of adhering to the faith. Some, however, are quite aware of the demands of Jihad, and the hatred of Christians and Jews preached by imams and their Koran, yet they conduct themselves as rational citizens of many nations for most of their lives.

Another group, however, which may amount to as much as 30-40% of Muslims, are not only aware of their obligations, but are quite willing to follow Jihadist leaders into terrorist actions against the infidel. Out of this group come the fighters, the terrorists, the insurgents, and the devoted anti-Jewish Hamas, Hisbollah, rocket launchings into Israel, and Iranian, Syrian or Saudi infiltrators in Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine.

Since this group amounts to something like 50 to 150 million male Muslims of fighting age in the pool, there is no shortage of willing suicide bombers, fighters and intifada participants. What they usually lack is sufficient training, arms and easy access to their targets. This is a purely logistics problem.

So I will give peaceful Muslims a wary pass for now, but such a pass is fully conditional on their continued good behavior in our nation and elsewhere.

This does not help us much, since there are so many left around the world that are willing to riot, destroy, cut off heads, blow up restaurants, rocket civilians, burn autos, plant IEDs, shoot Iraqi citizens, and hang our men by the neck to bridgework. Many, many Muslims are violent, subversive and dangerous people, and they should be held accountable for their barbaric actions wherever they happen. This is what the GWOT is all about.

I find appeasement of Muslims to be a rather risky business, since there is such a great chance that we are appeasing Jihadists — if only in waiting — and I certainly do not want to have to defend our nation from those who would install Sharia Law here in any way as they are pushing for in the UK, France, Holland, Sweden, and other EU nations.

Too much tolerance of a dedicated enemy is not a wise thing to practice. Read the Koran, and watch Wilders' movie. He is not exaggerating.

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