Sunday, February 17, 2008


Leftists on the Rise?

Moonbats in the Driver's Seat?

If we have a Leftist government after November, it is devoutly to be hoped that later on the nation can be salvaged subsequent to the ravages of these insane moonbats.

Instead of strengthening the family, they help to sunder it.
Instead of educating our children they pass out condoms.
Instead of winning a war, they cut and run just as it is making good headway.
Instead of helping unborn babies, they kill them.
Instead of promoting self-reliance they promote dependence on the government.
Instead of keeping government to a reasonable size, they expand it at every turn to meet newly invented needs no one needed in the last 200 years.
Instead of supporting religion, they attack it, especially Christianity, and attempt to make it invisible in the public eye.
Instead of reaching for a balanced budget, they vote for massive new government spending and earmarks.

And on and on and on...

You get the picture! We will have an enormous cleanup to do after their messes. I just hope none of their stupidities are irreversible.
Don't you?

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How is that different from what we have now? Balanced budget? Not with the blank check written to Iraq with no TANGIBLE goals in sight. Government dependence? What about "free money" that GWB is sending us? That will ultimately go to the countries we import from. NCLB, talk about increase in government, but this was an unfunded mandate. Each side makes their own mess. Did the brother have to clean up the mess of the prodigal son? I think not. We each make our own bed, hopefully we can be like the father of that parable and forgive and accept, not judge and be hostile.
Three points: the past is prologue;
Judgement is the essence of common sense and selection; and I am indeed hostile to those who would reshape the nation into something I judge to be bad. These sorts of changes must be stopped a all costs.

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