Thursday, December 20, 2007


Secular Humanism: a Curse!

The Worldview of Secular Humanism (SH)

The author and Doctor of Divinity Tim LaHaye in his book “Mind Siege” gives a summary of the belief system and world view of Secular Humanism:

Belief in no God;

Belief in matter as eternal;

Belief in spontaneous generation;

Belief in man as an evolving animal;

Belief in no moral absolutes;

Belief in humanist man as the final authority;

Belief in the inner goodness and malleability of man;

Belief in no soul or spirit;

Belief in new sexual rights and responsibilities;

Belief in no eternal law;

Belief in humanist rule(which they call “democracy”)

Belief in a one-world socialist government;

Belief in no judgment or afterlife.

Derived from these beliefs are the following highly acceptable SH corollaries:

Abortion rights;





No parents’ rights;

Infanticide and Euthanasia;

Drug use;

Full separation of church and state (never mentioned in the Constitution);

Removal of church and religion from the public space;

Open borders.

The US is well-along in allowing these practices and corollaries to become law and accepted custom. This has transformed the culture and the laws of the nation in unacceptable ways for those who knew the America of earlier times. Did anyone ever wonder why the congress continues to pass legislation that the people do not want? Is the congress captive to the above beliefs now? It would seems so, as over 55 congressmen have been identified as belonging to socialist organizations.

Such beliefs mirror the subtle plan developed by the Italian Communist Gramski, who said that the way to conquer America for Communism is through the long road of subverting its institutions a little at a time, until they fall of their own weight.

Is this the America we want?

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