Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Militant Atheism

Belief and Non-Belief in God

The issue here is whether one believes in the Christian God, is agnostic about God’s existence, or else is atheistic (either strongly or weakly atheistic), and disbelieves in God.

It is the right of an individual to believe what he wants to believe. However, it is not his right to try to impose his beliefs onto others who have a different belief or non-belief system. Evangelicalism is wrong when it attempts to convert people by forceful persuasion or force of arms against their will and their current beliefs.

Thus, strong (Militaristic) atheists are wrong to attack the Christian religion and Christians and attempt to destroy them, just as Muslims are wrong to pursue dominance of Islam over the nations of the world, and secular humanists are wrong to try to impose their beliefs on the body politic through devious means such as subversion of democratic principles.

There is a right way and a wrong way to seek conversions. Ridiculing and attacking a religion is guaranteed to evoke a hostile response, as is use of force, or legal subterfuge.

A moral society has tolerance for religions and “non-religions” so long as they threaten no one else. Once, however, attacks begin, the center Christian majority must and will defend itself. It would seem that written attacks have indeed begun again today with Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchins, and other authors publishing books that take a very strong and hostile atheistic position. The rise of a Militant Atheism dedicated to converting the nation to its way of thinking is not welcome, and it is difficult to tolerate in this Judeo-Christian land that is 85% Christian.

Such Godlessness will be engaged on religious grounds.

The strongest question supporting belief in God I have ever read is:

"Why does the Universe, Life and Man exist at all?" --C.S Lewis



You stated, strong (Militaristic) atheists are wrong to attack the Christian religion and Christians and attempt to destroy them

Can you provide evidence of "militaristic" atheists attacking Christianity and Christians? It would seem this is a bogeyman.

And what "subversion of democratic principles" are secular humanists carrying out?

Is it equally wrong for Christians to do the same to non-Christians?

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