Friday, November 09, 2007


A Working Idea for My Philosophy

The Information Content of Atoms and Molecules

Question 1: Do atoms, especially the lighter ones such as Hydrogen, carry excess information? Do heavier atoms carry excess information?

Question 2: In what manner do they carry excess information? What is the mechanism involved?

Question 3: We know that molecules have enormous excess information embedded in their structures, and we know in the case of DNA that it is encoded and algorithmic. Are there similar mechanisms at the level of the nucleus of atoms, or in the configuration and orbits of electrons, or both?

Question 4: Atoms form both heavier atoms and molecules in a myriad of ways, in particular to form the 92 elements of our makeup, during the period after the Big
Bang. What is the prescription for atom and molecule formation in the universe, and in particular DNA?

Question 5: Are atoms self-organizing as some molecules are—DNA for instance?

These are a few of the questions that I am attempting to formulate answers for from recent research. References would be helpful.


Question 6: Is the self-organizing principle really favorable to the mechanistic view of the origin of the universe, or is it a principle that must have an origin itself, and hence be favorable to the creation view?

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