Thursday, October 25, 2007


On Death, Murder and Justified Killing

Death and Dying

To clarify the subject, I am not going to discuss normal or accidental death and dying, because that is part of the life and death process we all face. What I want to focus on here is deliberate killing and murder, whether it is in war, a criminal act, terrorist bombings, or executions.

That which the Bible proscribes is murder. No argument here.

However, there are such things as justified killings. In our society, we have by law authorized the justified killing or execution of criminals who have been convicted of murder, and a few other heinous crimes.

We have authorized killing in self-defense, although this has been under attack by the Left for years.

We have also justified the killing of terrorists and insurgents in combat, even though war has not been declared by Congress. Of course, once war is declared we have authorized killing and wounding of the enemy and their supporters in combat.

Interestingly, we have not authorized the killing or the torture of any identified captured enemy soldier during war, because we adhere to the Geneva Conventions. We have authorized interrogations that come close to torture, however.

But note that an insurgent or terrorist is not a soldier by the definition of the Convention. He does not wear a recognizable uniform or insignia that would identify him as a soldier. Even if he declares himself a soldier in some army or another, it does not matter. He is an “enemy combatant,” and is not accorded the rights of the Geneva Convention. Those who would give them such rights had just as soon give a convicted serial murderer the same rights: they are close brothers under the skin, with the exception that the serial murderer has been tried in a court of law. Since there is no Convention in force, we have elected to try such persons under the military justice system, and if convicted, they may be sentenced as the military court determines, up to and including justified killing or death.

This is all as it should be, in my opinion. Those who would change these justified killing provisions are merely obstructing justice, probably for their own benefit.

Now the big question comes! Who authorized us to murder 1.5 million babies a year, or over 40 million dead fetuses since RvW was passed? This is definitely not as it should be!

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