Saturday, October 06, 2007


A Muslim for President?

Would people support having a Muslim as President of the US?

Muslims would, of course. John McCain would not. Various bloggers have weighed in saying they would, including Right Wing Nuthouse. Frankly, the question never crossed my mind because it is so improbable. It does represent a challenge to our open society.

Muslims are signed up to Islam, and no government can come between a Muslim and his religious and secular commitments regarding Islam. Of these commitments, there is jihad, and the striving for Sharia (Islamic Law) and domination of Islam over the world. There is the question of ultimate loyalty to the US over Islam. There is the admonition in the Koran not to make friends of Jews and Christians. There is the permission in the Koran for a Muslim to lie, cheat, steal and kill infidels. Then there is the difficulty of getting to the truth of all these provisions in Islam for the person that is running for President. Can he be believed?

For the present, this is academic, but we have come very close with Barack Hussein Obama. Very close indeed. Too close for my money. He is a Democrat, so he would not get my vote in any case. But, suppose he was a full-fledged Muslim? I wonder how many would vote for him?

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