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Part II: Man and Society

To have a moral and just society requires that man give up some of his absolute freedom and liberty of his own free will, for the greater good of all members. Those that are born into this society must be taught the value of freedom and liberty, since they have not experienced totalitarianism, or even severe constraints on their freedom..

Man’s freedoms and liberties in a moral society are constrained by:

The Law and its proper enforcement.

Social, religious and personal morality.

Culture, custom, etiquette, and good manners.

Acceptable behavior in groups, associations, workplaces, institutions and public places.

Business ethics

Family values, commitments, duties and traditions.

Duties and responsibilities to the society or nation.

There is an absolute limit to the social constraints on liberty and freedom: personal life and the home.

A moral, orderly and just social order is one that:

ensures the freedom and liberty of citizens to exercise rational thinking, reasoning and freedoms of action, such as freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, and free press, subject only to the Law of the Land,

ensures citizens’ freedom and liberty to assemble, to display their symbols and words of worship and to follow the precepts of God as they desire, so long as these precepts, constraints, displays or actions do no physical harm, or constrain the freedoms of other citizens, groups, institutions or the society as a whole, and that they also obey the Law of the Land,

that suppresses man’s evil nature and evil acts through just laws, customs, traditions, conventions, institutions, and both formal and informal methods of enforcement. The evils and vices to be abhorred include: unjust war; greed; envy; theft; hate; sloth; lust; gluttony; anger; selfishness; murder; pain; lies; insults; ignorance; harassment; propaganda; cowardice; evasiveness; torture; torment; and, Ad Hominem attacks.

that establishes treason and advocating overthrow of a moral society to be evil and punishable in the extreme,

ensures defense of the moral society against all forms of external and internal evils and threats to its existence, whether from military, criminal, social, economic, political, religious, foreign or natural causes. To this end, a dominant military force is absolutely necessary.
It is the philosophy of peace through strength.

ensures the preservation of the family unit-- man, wife, children, and the extended family-- as the building block of the society, and also protects the family homestead from unwarranted actions, such as search and seizure.

ensures a judiciary system at every level of society to serve the ends of justice for all citizens, groups, institutions and enterprises.

ensures that judges are well-qualified and free of bias in interpretation of the law, and removes those who exhibit either reprehensible behavior or undo bias in their decisions, and finally, ensures that judicial decisions are made in accord with accepted norms, not the whims of radical judges. Some latitude must be made permissible for special cases.

ü ensures citizen’s freedom and liberty to pursue their economic objectives, subject to the higher interests of the society when so determined by law and regulation.

ü ensures the health, education and welfare of its citizens with effective, judicial and compassionate programs, and with sanctions against immoral acts. Such programs are best performed at the local, province or state levels.

ü ensures the integrity of the borders of the nation, and the system for admission and tracking of foreign nationals, including prospective legal immigrants, and expels from the nation those who violate the law. Illegal immigrants must be deported forthwith.

ü ensures that legal immigrants are assimilated into the society, learn the language, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, local laws and customs, and the history of the nation, as well as adhering by their words and actions to the oath of allegiance to the nation on penalty of deportation.

ü ensures that foreign nationals are allowed visitor’s or migrant worker’s rights to enter and reside for a time in the nation, but should they commit a crime, they will be imprisoned and then deported after their term is over and banned forever.

ü collects taxes on a flat percentage basis to pay for its operations, since redistributive taxation of lawfully acquired gains is theft by the government.

ü maintains a fiscally responsible and balanced budget, unless an emergency is declared and accepted by the people through their representatives and leaders.

ü ensures that government remains dedicated to the organization and execution of the few functions it is assigned by its constitution, and that it contract to those limits where possible.

demands that its citizens accept their duties and responsibilities to maintain and defend the society, and severely penalizes those who do not. Draft dodgers and Draft Card burners should at the least be properly punished and ostracized by the public.

expects every citizen to strive to support himself and his family through diligent efforts at earning a living.

Provides support and health care to those citizens who cannot care for themselves because of illness, accident, or decrepitude, and who have no financial means.

is a constitutional Republic, as has been proven over centuries in the US to be the most effective form.

Incorporates balance of power and checks and balances.

Has a written constitution that ensures all citizens can know and accept the fundamental law of the land,

Ensures that the constitution and laws of the society can be modified to reflect the greater good, and the changes will be ratified by the people through their elected representatives and leaders.

Incorporates a tripartite form of government, which is the best organization to ensure checks and balances, and consists of Legislative, Judicial and Administrative branches,

Ensures that this tripartite form of government is replicated in the governmental subdivisions of the society as well, such as in provinces or states.

Permits subdivisions to have significant functional and legal autonomy from the parent federated government (States Rights).

Fosters and maintains rational mixed capitalism as the most moral form of economic organization yet achieved by man,

Ensures wide and diverse ownership of private property by its citizens. This is the essential requirement for a free society. It includes both physical and mental or intellectual property.

Ensures that every law-abiding citizen has and maintains the right to keep and bear arms and ammunition, to use them for training and sport, and to use them in defense of self, family, hearth and home.

Ensures that the government is not in competition with the private sector for business.

Ensures that a citizen who willfully, publicly and continually demonstrates his lack of allegiance to and hatred of the nation, its culture and its people, his rejection of the moral principles of the society, his desire to participate, support for, or actual participation in revolutionary activities to overthrow the government, and who does not use, or abandons, the democratic mechanisms for change provided to him in this moral society, and who refuses to accept the principle of majority rule, is marked by the government and the citizenry as an enemy of the State.

Enemies of the State must be deprived of the benefits of the State, defanged, isolated, shunned, imprisoned, or else killed.

The moral tenets of the society must be adhered to by all citizens, without exception. Multiculturalism and diversity are not rational objectives or sound policy, but rather hold-over circumstances from past immigrations. The more rational objective and policy is to create and maintain a relatively uniform moral environment, while allowing for private differences in religious worship.

Political correctness is not an objective or policy of the moral society. The only subject bearing on the idea is encouragement of comity in public speech.

The concept of discrimination has little bearing on a moral society, where equality before the law is maintained, and morality is practiced. Thus, the concept of affirmative action is not applicable.

These provisions establish what a moral society must ensure, but so far, it doesn’t establish how some of these provisions will be implemented. Some of the “how’s” should be:

Education of successive generations on what constitutes a moral society as opposed to an amoral or immoral society, as well as how to correct the society within the system if it has strayed from the moral path.

Obligate families to teach morality and discipline to their children, and for the family to be examined on the basics, at least during the parent’s schooling, and in their college-level work. Non-compliance may result in denial of government services. Immigrants must learn the moral code before being given citizenship.

Demand that both executive and elected officials conform to the established social morality or else be turned out of office upon proof of malfeasance. We must not tolerate dishonest members of government.

Insist that employers, religions, and the media not only conform to the moral society’s principles, but also to demand it from their employees in the workplace on threat of being fired.

Strict and complete law enforcement along the lines of the “broken window” philosophy, together with judicial practices of just punishments, not mere slaps on the wrist.

The death penalty will be invoked for conviction of: murder, rape, kidnapping, treason and sedition.

Recidivism by criminals with long rap sheets should not be allowed to occur. A three-strikes-you-are-in-for-life policy should be enforced, no matter the triviality of the felonies committed and convicted for in any court of law. If this means building and maintaining more prisons, so be it.

All executive and elected positions in the government must be staffed by citizens born in the nation, or citizens that have had legal residence in the nation for in excess of 25 years. The President must be native born.

Part III: Man, His Society and Societies of the World

· Amoral, immoral, and evil societies exist.

· A moral society must consider its own welfare first, the welfare of other moral societies second, and global welfare third.

· A moral society must defend itself against the amorality, immorality, and evil of other societies.

· A just war in self-defense is proper, including preemptive war against a threatening group or society. Shoot first, not second!

· The threat against a moral society need not be immanent, but it must be verifiable and serious.

· A moral society must remain completely sovereign so long as there are other amoral or evil societies in existence.

· Treaties and civil contracts covered by treaties are the only proper ways to interact formally with other societies, especially if they are amoral, immoral or just plain evil.

· A society that breaks a treaty or contract without sufficient cause must be held to account by all moral societies.

· Trust, but verify, is the only proper procedure when dealing with other societies on any matter whatsoever.

· World opinion is no basis for moral or just decisions or actions in the international scene,

· International justice is a valid goal to be strived for, but such a legal system has yet to be satisfactorily formed, partially because the world of nations collectively is not a moral group, and judges that have both political neutrality and devotion to the agreed international law are a rarity.

· The set of mutually-adjudged moral, democratic and free nations operating in concert is the best hope for organizing and achieving world order, peace, justice, and appropriate humanitarian assistance to needy nations.

· The UN should be deemphasized because of its amorality, its archaic organization, its unrealistic membership and the immorality of so many of its members, giving it no true basis for setting forth moral judgments, or performing regulatory actions.

· As the sole superpower in the world at this time, the US has a moral mission to help bring peace and prosperity to others, to defend the weak and poor, and to aid these underdeveloped and developing societies in growing economically and in becoming free, orderly and strong.

· The US has no intent or desire to create a colonial empire.

· Global economic development is a necessity for man and his societies.

· For global development to take place, massive investments must be made around the world.

· Poorly developed nations are a serious and perplexing problem for Western nations, because:

a) the investment environment is hostile and dangerous.

b) the effects of tribalism are a huge block. The cultures encountered are not far from primitive. Their work ethic is highly questionable too, because of tribal commands such as “go slow”.

c) education and training of the majority of citizens is deficient. Most Americans do not know the languages being used, and must depend on translators. Learning English is a necessity, but few can afford the schooling.

d) population growth often exceeds the ability of the land and sea resources and the existing infrastructure to cope. The list of basket-case nations is growing.

e) the health environment is dangerous, including insects, animals, endemic diseases, rampant AIDS, malaria, and other ills not normal to Westerners.

f) the land and climate in many cases is not conducive to effective cultivation, irrigation, or hydro-electric power generation.

g) the existing infrastructure is not able to readily support new energy-using industries, communications, water supplies free of contaminants, sewer systems that are sanitary, sound roads, effective police, fire, health, postal and rail transportation, thus they usually require massive improvements before industries can come into the country.

h) Many single-product nations have been captured by long-term contracts with international companies, who have thus tied up national resources and profits that otherwise might be used for local improvements.

i) Social instability brought about by extremely high crime rates, terrorism, religious conflicts, and even revolutions, makes the decisions to invest enormously difficult in many lands, especially for long-term, mega-dollar projects.

j) Myopic governments, often of the strong-man type, are not interested in their citizens, but rather in amassing fortunes, staying in power by force, and creating a military organization that supports their objectives. This climate suits many corporations, since they can work with the despots to rape the resources of the nation.

k) Corruption at all levels of government exists in many cases, requiring funds to be passed in secret kickbacks to the government by the contractor, which typically exceed 10 to 20% of the value of projects, which is both a moral dilemma and a burden on the investors and the purchasing nation’s taxpayers.

l) For Westerners, the sheer magnitude of the difficulties cited for investing in the poorer nations, most often redirects investor’s attention to safer environments in the more stable West itself.

m) The disappearance of truly enormous sums of aid money and physical aid in many nations that have been found to be lining the pockets of the ruling class or the warlords, and not helping the population, seriously dampens the ardor of Western governments and investors towards financial grants and loans.

n) A further difficulty is the immigration away from the gap society of the most talented and better educated citizens, those who would be instrumental in building a modern nation and moral society. Western societies are far more attractive to these citizens.

o) Former colonies were given good infrastructures, but the natives abused the machinery, took it apart for its parts; didn’t maintain it properly, or refused to use it because of superstition.

p) Western know-how was brought back to run things under contracts, but this slowed the process of takeover and independence.

q) Administrators and civil servants from the West provided stability and honesty to governments. This civil service cadre is now gone, and it is not easily replaced.

r) Compounding all of the above are the Islamic nations and Muslims worldwide that have called for a jihad against the West, declaring war on us, and using terror tactics to intimidate.

s) There seem to be few workable solutions to the problem of helping developing nations. Obviously merely throwing money at the problem does not work, nor do supervised projects, because of the rampant corruption in international business as well as the developing nations. Accepting the corruption makes one a part of the problem.

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