Sunday, August 19, 2007


The Islamic Threat

Where did my opinion of Islam originate?

After reading blog posts on “expertise” and the public, I had to ask myself just how my opinion about the invasion of Iraq got set in stone. I would cite a number of things:

1. The 50-year war between Israel versus Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and by indirection, Iran. The utter brutality of the Islamic states and their dominant organizations against Israel must be remembered, despite many attempts to bring peace to the area in brokered deals that were sabotaged by the Islamics. This led me to pick up a Koran, and to explore the Haddith and fatwas.

2. The conclusions from my readings about Islam clearly told me that Islamic fascism is a deadly enemy of the US, and that all Muslims are committed to jihad against us if called upon to do so.

3. The daily news that reported atrocities of ever-increasing horror conducted by Muslims against their enemies, culminating in many direct attacks on US installations and troops, which I won’t mention in detail here as they are well-known.

4. The obvious after-the-fact rejection of US support to Muslims in a number of instances, such as Kuwait and Kosovo, which was largely ignored in the Islamic world.

5. The bribery we have participated in for years to keep Egypt relatively passive.

6. The two-faced Saudi Arabia policies that gave us low gas prices while the Saudis built a worldwide net of Muslim fanatics against us.

7. The reports of imams from Saudi Arabia, throughout the 10,000 US mosques, that preach hatred of the US and jihad against unbelievers in our nation---me, in other words. And, the fact that there are almost 6 million Muslims in the US already!

8. The experiences I had living for 13 years in Europe watching the guest-workers building up to a large percentage of the population, and beginning to demand special laws to accommodate their beliefs--Sharia.

9. 9/11.

By these and many other events and writings about Islam, notably Churchill, I concluded that we faced a serious and insidious challenge from Islam, or at least by a significant percentage of the one and a half billion Muslims in the world. If there are only 10% of the Muslims that are willing to attack the West by any means available, we face an army of 100 million fanatics! Even if we are talking about 5%, it is still an army of 50 million, which is over 50 times the army of the US. So pick only 1%, a number that many can accept. That is still one million fanatics to be dealt with. Our response to this challenge had been weak and ineffective, to be kind to the so-called leaders of that era. Fact is, we don't know how many fanatics we face!

After 9/11, there was left only the questions in my mind of where to strike this many-headed, very large, poisonous snake first, and then subsequently, and how far we needed to go to kill the snake or at the very least, to render the 1% to 10% of it relatively harmless.

No one has answered my questions adequately.

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