Thursday, August 09, 2007


Withdrawal from Iraq?

An honorable nation would not do so

My bet is still that we will not withdraw from Iraq, except for some symbolic rotations home. We are caught fast in the struggle to create a new government that has the power to survive, to ensure that there will not be a genocidal conflict after we leave, and to hold off the Iranians and Syrians. Morally, to leave with these threats to the Iraqi people quite evident and real for all to see would be devastating. There would be no forgiveness for such an act anywhere in the world, except in leftist circles that desire our demise anyway.

To talk of 12 months or 18 months before “redeployment’ is ridiculous on the face of it given the work yet to be done in pacification, grassroots consensus-building, government-building, oil production and revenue sharing. Well-constructed bases are essential to the effort as outlined, unless we want our troops in tents and latrine trenches for their stay, and subjected to serious harassing attacks.

It is simply disgusting to me to see others considering leaving Iraq to the tribes and factions, with no recourse except their Islamic ‘friends’ to the South, East and West. Such a move is cynical and immoral, no matter what the past has been. I am acutely ashamed of those who advocate withdrawal before the job is satisfactorily finished. They should not be anywhere near the power positions in our nation.


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