Friday, July 06, 2007



And I Mean Islamic Terrorism

Let us first label what we are seeing to be Islamic terrorism. Thus our enemy is Islam, including all individuals who profess to be dedicated followers of the teachings of Muhammad. That is, we must consider as enemies those who believe that jihad against the infidel is a sacred duty, which encompasses most Muslims should they be commanded to participate by their leaders.


All Muslims give fealty to Islam.

Islam demands that Muslims perform jihad against infidels.


Therefore, all Muslims support jihad.

It is obvious that Muslims in America cannot do much in the way of jihad when surrounded by our citizenry, 9/11 being the exception. It could become the rule in the near future.

Whether we withdraw from the confrontation with Islam or not, we will be attacked. Whether we fight on their lands or not, we will be attacked. These attacks will be of ever increasing ferocity and deadliness as the Muslims acquire the means for mass destruction and delivery. The attacks will evolve into ever more sophisticated forms, including financial, and inflaming of populations worldwide to disperse our military resources. Oil is a weapon of increasing importance also.

Terror therefore is now the norm. Increased terror will be perceived as the norm as the years go by, until we find the right set of solutions to the problem. This set of solutions must be a total response to the Jihadists, including: military, social, economic, political, geographic, and psychological warfare, and involving our full resources.

It will take a major attack with loss of life far in excess of 9/11 to bring the sleeping public, and the passive, or jihad-dead minds we are beset with, properly into the fray.

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