Friday, June 29, 2007


Immigration Revisited

What does an acceptable immigration bill contain?

A very easy question that 100 senators could not agree upon!

  • Do everything needed to seal up our Southern border very tightly.

    Enforce old laws

    Enforce new laws

    Photo and fingerprint all who cross and are caught, then deport them.

  • Do everything needed to identify and bring to justice all Illegals.

    Give arrest permission to all law enforcement.

    Give deportation permission to all law enforcement. Force INS to follow.

    Deport all Illegals forthwith over the next five years.

  • Do not allow Illegals to be employed in the nation.

    Punish employers severely that knowingly hire Illegals.

    Search and find Illegals diligently wherever they may be.

    Do not allow families into the nation.

  • Rescind the ‘child born in the nation automatically a citizen’ clause.

    Rescind the rule.

    Make the new rule retroactive to 2000.

    Ensure that there is no dual citizenship allowed.

  • Create a legal migrant worker program with all needed provisions.

    Limit the number per year, and number of years in succession.

    Limit travel to only the registered employer’s locations.

    Ensure positive identification and employer sponsorship

  • Create a registered employee program, with penalties for abuses.

    Employees must sponsor named migrant workers.

    Employees must deposit $1,000 per worker he sponsors.

    The deposit will be forfeited in the worker leaves.

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