Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The Stupidity of Cut and Run in Iraq

What a wonderful ignorance to think we can just get out of Iraq!

The very simplest solution is to stay where we are and do something constructive with our capabilities along the lines of my proposal.

We are not going to leave any time soon.

We are not going to admit defeat.

We are not going to give the insurgents a victory.

We are not going to let the current government down because of our commitments to them.

We are not going to let the Iraqi people down by leaving them entirely to their own devices, after promising them to stay the course.

We are not going to let Iran and Syria move into Iraq and take over.

We are not going to let Iraqi oil be used against us, although this was one of the great mistakes of the war up to now to let the Iraqi decide how to manage oil. We will regret this soon now, so it may change.

We are not going to let the Kurds be massacred by Iran or Turkey or the Sunnis from Iraq, or all three.

We are not going to stand by and watch the Sunnis and Shiites massacre each other.

We are not going to turn our backs on the soldiers who sacrificed to help give Iraq a chance, over 3,500 of whom did not return alive.

We are not going to turn our backs on an investment of hundreds of billions of dollars to help Iraq out of its troubles.

We have an overweening moral obligation to stay the course now and give the Iraqi a further chance. Any idea that we were morally wrong to invade Iraq is superseded by the subsequent decisions, events, and commitments of the US to Iraq and its people.

We have a national interest in keeping a substantial force in this strategic area of the Middle East, next to Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. This force will be useful in many ways in the near future. It will be augmented soon now.

We are not going to substantially change the situation if the Democrats win in 2008, unless it be along my lines or something similar.

Want to bet on this?

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