Sunday, June 17, 2007


American Ideas

A few ideas that make all the difference!

Let us assume that we believe in the Constitution fully, the laws of the land, and the premise of a free and equal opportunity nation. No, I do not mean the constitution that you want to have, or that you want to revise, I mean the Constitution as written and interpreted by the Supreme Court as of today, and any extensions of that law into the civil laws. There is a formal procedure to change the Constitution that must be the only way it can be changed. Any other subversion is an abomination that must not be allowed to happen.

The premise of an equal opportunity society is hardly ever challenged as it reads. It seems that there is general agreement that all of us must have equality of opportunity. Then comes the groups that claim we must also have equality of outcome. On this slim and pervasive idea, many legislators have bought into the methods of redistribution of wealth by way of progressive taxation and welfare programs. Thus many of our lower income citizens not only pay no tax, they receive money from the government as a direct redistribution of wealth from the better off to the poor. This is pure socialization. Many citizens, myself included, consider this progressive redistribution to be stealing by the government, and it should be terminated. A flat tax would be correct.

A current progressive meme is that of general non-discrimination of any individual or group against any other individual or group. The reductio ad absurdum for this meme is obvious: to carry this out in the ultimate case you must suspend your common sense and your ability to judge people for their honesty, veracity, and reliability. You must equate Christianity with Islam as equally valid, which is simply not a true comparison at all, as can easily be demonstrated. The ridiculous cases can be found everywhere in life. Thus, some definite forms of discrimination must be practiced to survive in this world.

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