Sunday, May 27, 2007


The Iraq War: An Overlooked Fact

Americans are not afraid of Iraqi

The American citizen is simply not concerned with the Iraqi situation, nor is it particularly afraid of the Iraqi people, so long as they are in Iraq! This makes it rather hard to drum up much enthusiasm for the drawn out war over there, especially when there are horrid US casualties to mourn every day. We are still haunted by the Vietnam War too, and many of the protesting voices against the war come from the ranks of Vietnam protesters who are repeating their saga of so many years ago.

As the memory of 9/11 recedes into limbo, and AQ is downgraded by the press and the Left, we are losing the way in Iraq politically. We have just sent a huge signal to the Iraq government that we are not going to stick it out, and we may well renege on many of our sacred promises to them. History is poised to repeat itself from Congress, by letting the Iraqi sort things out for themselves before they are ready and able.

The American public is not being fully informed about the situation, the plans, and the progress to date, so their inclination is to forgedaboudit. Let’s get out of there!

This would be a very grave mistake.

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