Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Iraq and Surrender Mode

Of the three options--victory, disengagement in place, and full withdrawal--

I pick victory

Regarding the way ahead in Iraq, I posted the following comments on Right Wing Nut House. The subject was how to withdraw from Iraq.

  1. -To withdraw into enclaves is to surrender.
    -To watch the slaughter of Iraqi and do nothing is not on!
    -To act as a catch basin for refugees is also not on if genocide begins, for the Muslims will go for them through our little forces.
    -So we will be forced to go back in to stop the genocide, having achieved zero by withdrawing in this manner. We will be in a precarious situation, since we are weak on the ground, and will have lost the confidence of the population.
    -If full revolution begins, we have inadequate forces on hand to stop it.
    -If adjacent nations join in, we are going to lose our inadequate forces.
    -Total withdrawal is not on either. That will signal the beginning of the slaughter.
    -We are left with the option of building up our forces and going for a win.
    -This would involve a draft in all probability. Use the conscripts to free up volunteers for duty in the combat zone.

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    mannning Said:
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    Some further thoughts:

  3. -Diplomacy from weakness is hardly going to do any good. Not against Islamics. This route in not to be relied on for a solution.
    -They talk about catch basins for refugees. What a fine target for rockets, of which there seems to be an enormous supply. The refugees will be considered to be traitors to the cause, and deserving of being slaughtered.
    -Putting the catch basins on the border is a wonderful idea. I hope they don’t mean within 20 or 30km of any border; in other words, out of artillery range for Iranian and Syrian batteries. Not that this distance matters if Iran and Syria join in the fight, except to our exposed troops, and the refugees we are supposedly protecting.
    -Brookings people seem to be talking out of both sides of their mouths in that report. You can read into it my conclusion subtly presented: victory is the only real way out, but they don’t want to come right out and say that for political reasons.

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