Monday, April 30, 2007


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Global Warming.- It is the Sun, people, the Sun! Our contribution to warming is a paltry figure conpared to what sun flares do to us. But GW is such a politically charged subject that no one will listen to the honest scientists that nail the culprit as our friendly ole Sun.

The Liberal Mind.- After reading quite a large number of posts today from liberal sources, I sat back and tried to understand why my reaction was that I had just read the most zaney and biased collection of words I have read in a long, long time. I tried mightily to grasp the frame of reference they come from, but obvoiusly I am not able to be so bright, intelligent, informed ( all liberals write as if they know everything just when it happens), and willing to construct a story that inevitably turns on the liberal mindset against Bush ( all liberals hate Bush pasionately, and dilligently seek ways to degrade him both personally and as the leader of the nation. This is not to say that Bush is a perfect leader at all. There is a long list I have posted earlier about my beefs with Bush).

Impeachment.- A number of representatives are scheming to impeach Bush. I believe they will try, because it is so liberal to do so. Hauling out their list of accusations for a vote will be an interesting exercise in fabrication and distortion. Maybe we will have to find out what "was" was to match Clinton's "is" is.

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