Thursday, April 26, 2007


What If?

What if some arrogant, hostile and totalitarian crowd tried to take over the US in a year or so?

There are groups of people in the US that could muster perhaps 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 fighters, men and women, throughout the nation. Suppose that they have a plan to bring in or buy enough arms and ammo for such a force, and on a certain date they plan to rise up in a surprise attack and take over. Our borders are currently no hard barrier to their aims.

One of their first targets would be military bases and National Guard armories to neutralize our defensive power and to further arm themselves with all of the high tech weapons in our arsenals. They would slaughter every man on the bases they could find. Sleeper cells at the Pentagon, in the Army and the Air Force would garble messages or lose them, transmit false orders to units, and wreck chaos in the early response time. Bombs would be planted to disrupt military communications.

Their cells in all major cities would seize control of the local government offices, police headquarters, communications centers, and commercial broadcast facilities. Their units would appear at all principal intersections and public transportation facilities. The public would be told via radio and TV to remain calm and offer no resistance on penalty of death. A few horrid examples would be made to show that they are not bluffing at all. Roving squads would search out police vehicles and resistance groups and neutralize them. Any citizens found with a weapon would be shot on the spot.

In Washington, the Capitol building would be assaulted and all found inside would be killed. The White House would be bombed after the Air Force rapid response fighters are taken out by RPG’s or heat-seeking missiles. The assault on the White House would be designed to prevent the President from being able to flee to an alternate site. The President would be forced to become holed up in his bunker with significantly reduced capability to communicate with the rest of the world.

At this point, the invaders would announce that they had planted nuclear weapons in ten or more principal cities, and if resistance to their takeover began, we would lose the cities one by one. All military personnel would be ordered to lay down their arms, and to report to a stadium nearby, where they would be imprisoned. (Many would be killed).

To prove their ability to make good on the threat, Norfolk, Virginia, and the nearby base at Langley would be flattened by two megaton bombs. The spectacle would be televised to the public. Scattered resistance would most likely cease, and our units would probably seek to disappear into mountainous regions to regroup.

Our units at the huge bases in the South and West would break out their weapons and munitions, form up in a defensive posture, and then await orders from above. Their orders would be difficult to interpret, conflicting, and hard to execute. Precious days would be lost sorting out what we had left to fight with, where they were, and what to do about the situation. The ultimatum and the destruction of Norfolk would freeze our forces in place.

Fearing further nuclear devastation of our big cities with loss of life in the multimillions, the President would be compelled to order surrender. At the same time, panic and chaos would strike every big city as residents tried to flee, only to be turned back or shot. Our people would fight back to escape death, and millions would overrun the attackers and head for the hills—as far away from the cities as they could reach. Many of these people would eventually starve.

There would be no retaliation for the loss of the entire Norfolk area. We would not know who to strike, or if we did blast away every major city known to be connected with the attackers, we lose our cities too, and the world is beset by nuclear winter. Not a good idea.

Many well-equipped foreign troops arrive by ship and plane to reinforce the attackers, take over the ports, and all transport networks, as well as to guard the millions of prisoners held in keeping pens. Our forces are then faced with attacker units of comparable strength, reequipped or augmented with much of our captured arsenal.

We have been conquered.

Note five things about this scenario:

1. The attackers are utterly ruthless, and have no qualms about killing our people;

2. The attackers have been allowed to come into the country in the millions and millions without being truly assimilated, thus providing the needed internal insurgent forces. With financing, these insurgents could buy many weapons on the open market over a few years.

3. The attackers have access to nuclear weapons sneaked into in the US, which cancels out our national forces;

4. The attack comes as a surprise, and our Homeland Security, Armed Forces, and Police become neutralized early on.

5. Our insecure borders are used to set this scenario up.

Is this a possibility? How could it be prevented? The only way I can think of is to deport this group now! What group is this? You figure it out.



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