Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Gun Control Up Again

Virginia Tech Killings Will Spark New Bills

The killing of 32 students and wounding 17 more by a Nutcase from South Korea had obviously been planned for some time. So now the gun control lobby will go into high gear to champion anti-gun legislation up to and including disarming the public. This legislation will not be constitutional, of course, but that has a way of not stopping Liberals. They read into words what they want.

Let us play a mental game though. Suppose that the Nutcase could not go to a gun store and purchase guns or ammunition. He still has a rage to kill many people in classrooms, so he casts about for a different tool with which to execute the students. What can he use?

1) He can make a bomb or several bombs from readily available chemicals, and if he doesn’t know how, he can look it up on the internet.

2) He can make a noxious, deadly gas bomb from available chemicals also, the instructions for which are on the internet.

3) He can make a spray mixture that would cause terrible disfigurement or death to all hit by the stream from a pressure garden sprayer. Yes, the instructions for this are on the internet too.

4) He can also rob explosives such as dynamite, fuses and caps, from any of a number of construction sites in the area.

5) If he needs the intimidation factor of a gun, he can buy a replica of a gun from a number of places. These guns look extremely real; they even have clips and slide actions; they just cannot be fired. Or, he could simply steal a gun.

The scenario plays out rather closely to the real thing, with the Nutcase chaining the doors and then lobbing explosive bombs or gas bombs or sprays into the classrooms. In fact, these deadly weapons are cheaper to make, and far more injurious and death-dealing in a crowd than the 9mm autos the real nut used. Thus Nutcase will make his statement, and it may well be a much more deadly one using one or more of the methods pointed out earlier.

Conversely, had any professor or older student been carrying a concealed weapon, in either scenario, real or mental, much of the carnage if not all could have been prevented by killing the Nut.

So now if we ban guns everywhere, especially on campus as has been done already, we will have closed off the most likely preventative--a gun--from being available, and at the same time ensured that the Nut would have to use even more potent killing tools. Tools that would wipe out perhaps three or four classrooms full of students, and leave many more disfigured and crippled for life.

What this says is that we must also ban all potential weapons from public use, including many commercial chemicals and explosives that are essential to the economy, else the Nut will succeed!

Oh, just guns, you say? Why just guns? Maybe it isn’t the weapons we should be concentrating on at all, but the people that are living Nutcase lives and invariably leave tip offs to that fact lying around, if only some bright people picked up on them in a timely manner.

(I am carefully not identifying here the specific chemicals that may be employed, but any first-year chemistry student knows them well.)



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