Friday, March 30, 2007



Their slim majority is not a mandate!

We need to examine the total push of Left-wingers in our Congress. They must be understood in order to tell the larger public why they should not be in office. I believe that many voters have voted Democratic thinking that it is the same old party that they have always supported. It is simply not true. The current Democrats are to the far Left of the old party, coming ever nearer to an open thrust for collectivism, socialism, or even communism. Once this is recognized, and the mask is lifted from the words of the Left, American citizens will vote them out, of this I am sure.

What do they stand for now? Philosophically, the Left is dedicated to several propositions:

1) Moral relativism, which tells them that the religion of a witch doctor is every bit as valid as Christianity, and one man’s licentious behavior is as worthy as another man’s virtue;

2) Atheism, which allows them to attack all aspects of Christianity in schools, public places and even in speeches;

3) Collectivism, which says: what you own should be divided equally between all citizens, thus reducing the wealthy to the lowest common denominator, and to do this by means of taxes on the wealthy;

4) Pacifism, which says that we must not fight wars of any kind, and to ensure this, they want to reduce our forces to the minimum, just as Clinton did by 30% during his tenure. We are suffering now in our necessary conflicts because of this utter stupidity;

5) Buy votes! The latest example of this tactic is the pork thrown congressmen’s way to buy their votes for the pullout from Iraq. But it is far more pervasive than this. They are offering citizens free medical care, free education through college for the poor, free housing for the poor, free meals, and free clothing, including the millions of illegals in the country. This is not altruism at all. They are buying votes in a crass manner;

6) The Democratic elites must run the country. I have not been able to compile a satisfactory list of these elites, but a good start is in my early archives. The average citizen neither knows who these people are, nor do they have a clear idea just how influential they have become, with tons of money and power as the main drivers. Does George Soros ring a bell? He owns the Democratic Party now.

7) The elites must run the world, too! Once they control the US, their idea is to form a world government that they control, perhaps around the shell of the UN. The world economy will then be in their hands, allowing them to become astronomically richer, and the rest of us poorer. The Democrats speak with forked tongue about this aspect of their plan for world domination. They present themselves as the party of the poor, but that is merely the tactic to gain control. Fat Cats like Ted Kennedy, George Soros, and Nancy Pelosi want to keep the poor as far from themselves as possible, especially if they succeed in gaining ultimate power. If you don’t believe this, try finding the Secular Humanist Manifesto 2000 on the net and read it carefully.

8) Attack, Attack, Attack! Use any and every excuse to create an issue that may harm the opposition. Accuse the opposition of lying, cheating, stealing, perfidy, moral degeneration, or whatever comes to mind. The media, which is Left also, will back you up; even when they know what you say is false. The current example is the furor over the firing of Assistant Attorneys for the Justice Department--a pure tempest in a teapot. Remember that Clinton fired 90-odd Attorneys;

9) Offer Nothing but Freebies. Offer no solutions to our major problems, no in-depth analysis of the consequences of what is being championed by the Left, and make no apologies for Leftist mistakes. Cover them up for a few days or weeks, and they will be forgotten, anyway. This way, there are no targets for criticism of the Left, except the one that they do not offer any solutions. Oh, they say, that is for the Administration to do!

10) Total Non-Discrimination. Maintaining a non-discrimination lifestytle is paramount over one's own life! They worship the God of Non-Discrimination, which leads to a reductio ad absurdem that you can't air your suspicions about a potential terrorist; it might hurt his feelings.

Look for these propositions to be set forth in ambiguous language when it comes to real problems, but crystal clear language when it comes to spending your tax dollars. If this is the fate you want for our country, then you are a socialist/communist too, and I want nothing to do with you. The sooner these people are fired out of office the better.



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