Wednesday, March 14, 2007


A Worldview

Reframing A Worldview -- A Work in Progress—3.14.07

God, Love, Freedom, Ethics and Morals, Human Rights, Family,
The United States of America, and The World. Anti-Worldview Ideas and Actions

God The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
The Ten Commandments, and other Bible Commands and Admonitions
Christian Ethics and Morals
Salvation Through Christ
Traditional Christianity: Faith, Hope, and Charity

Love of God and His Son
Love of Mankind
Love of Family
Love of Country
Love of Environment

Freedom of Worship
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Assembly
Freedom of Movement
Freedom of Ownership

Ethics and Morals, Moral Imperatives
Traditions, Customs, Morals, Civilized Behavior
Foresight, Self-Exertion, Self-Discipline, Value Sensitiveness, Compassion, Fortitude
Justice: Security, Honesty, Impartiality, Proportionality, Equality
Avoid Evil, Seek the Good
Just Conflicts and Just Wars

Human Rights and the Law
Natural Law
The Law, Justice Under the Law, Trial by Jury
The Home is One’s Castle, Right of Self-defense, Right to Bear Arms
Right of Habeas Corpus, Equality Under the Law
No Discrimination Under the Law
Written Definition of Rights
Limits to Rights: Stop the Generation of "New Rights"

Marriage by a Man and a Woman
Making a Home
Earning a Living
Bringing Children Into the World,
Defending their Future
Raising and Educating Children as Americans (Without Interference From Government, as has been the recent trend)
Honoring the Family, the Extended Family, One’s Ancestors, and Heritage
Personal Responsibility
Duty to God and Country

The United States of America
A Republic under God
The Flag is a Symbol

Declaration of Independence
Pledge of Allegiance
Sovereign States
States' Rights
Representative Government
The Constitution
Bill of Rights
Freedom of Worship
Rule of Law
Property Rights
Free Trade
National Sovereignty
Inviolate Borders
Open Seas
Right of Self-Defense
Security within and without the Country
Strong Defense

The World

(To be developed)

Nation States: Land, Peoples, Resources, Climate, Levels of Development
Forms of Government: Free, Democratic, or Leftist, Despotic Nation States
Friendly Nation States, Enemy Nation States, Muslim Nation States, Conflicts, War
Anti-World Governance, Anti-UN, Treaty Organizations, Sovereignty of Nations, Foreign Aid Treaties, Conflict Resolution, Self Defense, Trade, World Health, Environment, Globalization


Anti-Worldview Trends

Relaxation of Moral Discipline
Daily Life: Foul Language, Pornography, Impolite Behavior, Aggression
Sexual Permissiveness, Early Exposure, Abortion on Demand
Marriage: Ease of Divorce, Living Together Instead
Children: No Education in Citizenship, Civility, Discipline, Morals, Basics
Gay Movement: In-Your–Face Demonstrations, Gay "Marriage", Gay "Rights"

Agenda for Secular Humanism, Socialism, Communism, “Progressivism”

Godless State, God is Taboo, Collectivism, Marxism, Leninism, Socialism
Elitist, Secular Government Without the Redeeming Underlying Qualities of Christian Morality
Moral Relativity as Opposed to Moral Absolutism
World Government, Loss of US Sovereignty
Destruction of Current Society in Order to Rebuild in the Humanistic (or other) Way
Attacks on Christianity: Removal of Symbols, Prayer in Schools, Ten Commandments

Breakdown in Education
Dumbed-Down Curricula, Hidden Tracks for the Gifted Elitist Recruits
Denying Students Learning: How to Think, Customs, Traditions, Morals
Denying Learning: Positive History of the US, Civics, Government of the US
Poor Education in Basics: Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Languages
The Grip of the NEA

Declaration of War Against the US, Worldwide Terrorism (OBL), Afghanistan, Iraq
We are all Infidels (those who do not believe in and follow Muhammad)
Infidels can be robbed, beaten, killed, tortured, or worse
It is a War to the Death by Their Choosing
Virtually every conflict we have been in during the last twenty years is Muslim- based
That we have fought for Muslims three times is of no consequence—Jihad!, Iran?
There is No Backing Down: We Must Win
Deport Muslims, and prevent their entry
Fight Muslims abroad

Democratic Party
Now Far Left Wing, Socialist, Communist, Humanist, Elitist, Antithetical to US Ideals
Total lack of Comity and Rational Discourse
No Real, Solid Programs Originating From Them
Obstructionists of the First Degree
Selected a Traitor, Liar, and Self-Centered Candidate, from a Similar Bunch
Shocking Number of People Voted for Them! No More Moderates
They Must be Watched and Countered at Every Turn, Anti-Constitutionalism
Party Platform, Speeches are a Book of Lies; They Have no Intention of Living up to Them
Anti-Americanism is Rampant and Should be Countered
They Appear to Want the US to Lose in Iraq
Hillary Clinton Must be Defeated if She Runs (and she will!)

The United Nations
The UN is Factionalized into Four or Five Power Blocs
The Majority of UN Nations Use the UN to Denigrate the US.
The UN is Corrupt to the Core; Our Tax Dollars Line Many Corrupt Official's Pockets.
We Spend Too Much Money in the UN for What We get Out of it, and it Will get Worse
We Must Never Accede to Requiring UN Approval for Our Actions
We Must Never Relinquish Sovereignty at any level to the UN
Reform of the UN is an Illusion, a Very Dangerous Illusion
The UN is Nothing More Than a Biased Debate Society; its Usefulness is Marginal
We Do Not Need Yet Another Layer of Bureaucracy



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