Thursday, February 08, 2007


The Senate War Debate

Unadvisable, to say the least!

Perhaps I am wrong about this. I see it as giving the insurgents yet another boost and confirmation of their belief that all they have to do is wait us out and we will tuck tail and run. I see it as indirectly demanding that we get out of Iraq sooner than we should. I see it as soft-hearted, misguided, and near traitorous behavior when we are at war. I respect Senator Warren of my State, but he has of late been showing a weak side, a compromising side, with leftwing loonies.

There is the other way to look at it, however. Suppose our new surge and commander are successful in a few months. Signs are today that there has already been progress. So if this success is palpable and real, and it can be verified somehow, the lefties and the naysayers will be laughed out of Congress, including 7 GOP Senators, and tons of Dimdems. They lose big time.

Then there is the option that the surge effort is not a success, and Iraq is as bad off as ever. Those who fed the insurgents with hope and succor will be blamed for impeding the effort and ensuring it failure in advance! Hmmmm! So the debate will put everyone on record for all to see, and be counted come election time. Since the outcome is merely advisory, it doesn’t slow down the surge at this point. Blame will fall where blame should fall! This is good for the GOP. Machiavellian!

This nation should not even have to go through such a charade. We are at war, and it is abundantly clear who the enemy is. Timid people should not be in positions of influence in our government, when we are threatened daily with death and destruction.



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