Friday, February 02, 2007


America, Buffeted by Strangeness From the Left

Chaos Abounding

Alvin Toffler had it right: the shock of the future is overwhelming to those of us born early in the last century. The pace of events, the gushing of information from every quarter, the number of cracks showing up in what we believed to be solid institutions, the perfidy of politicians, the recklessness of people with leftist inclinations, strangely coupled with their pacifism, all of these trends are disconcertingly sliding past us at light speed. Not only is it hard to understand the why of it all, by the time we have figured out a response to these inanities, it is too late to effect anything, the world having by then rushed by us towards we know not what. It is quite obvious that the steering of our ship has come loose in the midst of our negotiating a treacherous channel, with rocks to the right of us, rocks to the left, and just to be perverse, rocks dead ahead.

Common sense, slow to the fore as it usually is, occasionally prevails, to the vast relief of many of us. But, in the next wave of insanity, whatever was sensible will have been thrown overboard to delight the elites and confound the conservatives. Now it has the Democrats in power. It is truly a topsy-turvy time in America, where faith seems to be waning, and patriotism is in bad taste. It is hard to remember where all of this wild and irrational thinking began. Was it during the 1950’s, when Communism was being hounded by McCarthy, or was it earlier when those insidious utopians got a foothold in society? Was it when it was chic to be a Red, or at least a follower of madmen from Europe? Perhaps it was during the great depression, when we voted into office the New Dealer, and allowed Communists to roam free in government spaces? Or, was this all the fault of the German-American Bund, the US affiliate of Nazi Germany, that was quite vocal back in the late 1930’s? Or, all of the above?

What seems to have happened is the Communists dove underground and colored themselves Progressive Socialists, joined the Democrats to seem a bit more respectable, and gradually have taken over the left side of things. Idiots delight! Despite the abundant evidence that utopian schemes cannot work, these clowns persist. It must be lust for power alone, and no altrustic motive at all.

Where have the true keepers of the American Flame gone? Several million of them are in the armed forces. Volunteers who are willing to put their lives at stake for an ideal--freedom and security for everyone. Thank God for them! The rest are apparently intimidated, it seems, by the rush to political correctness, hate America speeches and tomes, and the incessant accusations thrown at our President that need to be defended. The din is so loud that few can think clearly, fooled also by the shifting, disingenuous arguments and polemics from the Socialist side.

Even our hallowed(?) institution, The Supreme Court, has been corrupted by doublespeak and the idea of shaping the Republic to their beliefs and ends. So we have porn, a high divorce rate, prostitution, abortion, persecution of Christianity in the name of multiculturalism and diversity, and a hundred other violations of our Constitution and moral ways that we seem not to realize, or care about. The pace of change, and the bewilderment of most of us as to just how all of this drivel was allowed to come about, and how to stop it dead, has frozen the minds of the average citizen, or so it seems.

Our collective horizons have come exceedingly closer and closer, not allowing us to see far enough to understand the consequences of each little step being taken over our heads. Americans are seemingly entranced with their lives, their things, and their new found money and time, and their local world, too far gone to grasp the events that will affect their children in not too pleasant ways in the reasonably near future. We are being shepherded by the press, the TV, and radio to think in counter-intuitive terms about what we want our lives and our nation to be--yes, when it grows up.

Frustrating, these times are, but there is an ultimate faith that Americans will prevail against the slatterns and touts of the left.



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