Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The Surge in Iraq, and Other Comments


If Bush sends 20,000 troops into Iraq shortly, I hope he is also planning to augment them later with another 100,000. In addition to clamping down on Baghdad and the West, we need to close the borders to Iran and Syria, and perhaps Saudi Arabia as well. This would mean a larger contingent on the ground as well as more choppers and surveillance systems. On top of that, we need to prepare for war with Iran, and a total of 270,000 troops plus armor and support is about right to take care of both situations. We certainly need the Demos to sit down and shut up.

Pelosi and Other Wild Ones

What a joke these Dems are. Nothing important, yet they brag about the 100-hour legislation steamroller as if it will be of any use at all. The Senate will block anything that seems out of line, and the President will use his veto for stuff that leaks through. Then, the far-left Kennedy, whom JFK would be ashamed of, introduces a bill that supposedly would limit the Surge without Congressional approval! Not going to happen; it is dead on arrival! All of this is mere grandstanding, aided by the press who whoop up the trivia for the Dems.

We need to shift into that alternate universe where the Republicans won. It is getting too rediculous.

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