Friday, December 08, 2006


Islam Versus America

America wants to go back to sleep.

We are at war with Islam, with terrorists, with supporters of jihad, and with supporters of the objective of turning Western nations into sharia-controlled states. It is a top-to-bottom war, from the elemental police actions needed to control violence locally, to the all-out insurgencies of the Taliban in Afghanistan and various militias in Iraq on the Shia and Sunni sides, to the actions and rhetoric of the Muslims in the West (or their non-actions and non-rhetoric in America). This message has not penetrated to the ever-unconscious public in the US, or to those who live in a dream world filled with goodness and mercy, kindness and altruism.

What should we be doing? We should be building up our armed forces to the level of "two wars" as it was in the 60's. We should be closing our borders to illegals, and especially the Muslims. We should be deporting or interring Muslims, most particularly those who preach or support jihad and sharia. We should be gearing up for a direct confrontation with the Islamic nations that threaten our way of life and our citizens, and here I speak of Palestine, Iran and Syria up front as devil nations, and Saudi Arabia as the moneypot of terrorism and Islamic teaching around the world. We should get ready to remove the threat of a nuclear Iran thoroughly and deeply. I submit that had we done this earlier, we could have saved lives in Iraq, both of our troops and of Iraqi civilians, and not inconsequentially, saved untold billions of dollars in the process.

We should hold onto bases in Iraq in preparation for the conflicts with Iran and Syria. Thus it is in our interest as well to stabilize Iraq with massive troop power-- now. We should be gearing up diplomatically to force Islam onto the defensive worldwide. We should be willing to admit that oil in the hands of Islam is a weapon of great power, and that must be corrected by taking direct control of it in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran. We may have a window of about two or three years to do all of this without nuclear retaliation from Iran or its jihadists.

I feel just as I did in 1938, when my Father explained to me the silliness of Chamberlin and his "peace in our time". I was afraid. Soon (it was in 1940), my Father joined Hap Arnold's staff to help plan the massive expansion of the Army Air Corps in WWII, and, suddenly, one Sunday, the war was on! Many military men had seen it coming, but it took the Pearl Harbor disaster to get America on the right track. It appears that we need yet another reminder of what evil people can do to us when we complacently go about our business and our private lives, with our collective heads in the sand with respect to foreign threats.

Must we lose New York, or Washington, or San Francisco, or Chicago or Los Angeles, or all of them, before we wake up to the reality of the Islamic threat? How utterly stupid!



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