Thursday, November 09, 2006


Disaster in Washington!

Progressives get their day.

Not only do we have an error-prone Administration, but now also a Progressive Congressional majority.

Gridlock is the best possible outcome for the next two years. If we get Killary in 08, who is posing for now as a moderate, but is actually a rabid liberal progressive, the future directions of the country will be irrevocably harmed. Open your wallets wide, they are about to be raided, so you might as well make it easy on yourself. If you make a decent amount of money per year, you are in even greater jeopardy for a raid: the whole theme of Progressives is to take away from the well-to-do, slice off a hefty bunch to allow the government to expand dramatically, and to line the pockets of the new managerial class to meet "needs", and then dole out the remainder to illegal immigrants and others who sit and wait for their share. Socialism is on the way now, for sure. Soros, the MSM and the limousine liberals have won the day.

So be it. Perhaps Republicans, now in opposition, will be as nasty as the Democrats and the MSM have been for six years. It seems to work: tell a lie and repeat it a million times, and the public believes it!

Not enough of you voted Republican! For shame!

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