Tuesday, October 24, 2006


American Leadership

May God Help Us if Dems Take Control

Talking about leadership! Just who can the Dems put forward as our Leader in 2008? Hillary, the Amazon Warleader? What a laugh: we get a duo in the bargin, and Slick Willie gets his favorite, uh, playground back. Kerry? Sanctimonious flipper. Obama? Spring chicken. Gore the Bore? Too inconveniently emotional, too tainted with being the bagman for Clinton, and fatally unhinged. This is truly a disaster time, if these noodnicks are all we can expect. Add ultra-liberal Pelosi to the team and we get turned into Left Coast pacifists.

Romney or Gingrich would offer real leadership, prudence, knowledge of the international scene, intelligence, true understanding of the American psyche, and long experience in government. There is no real contest here.

Vote Republican.


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