Thursday, October 12, 2006


Some Reminders

Memo to me:

Dems want to cut and run from Iraq, leaving undone that which we have paid dearly to do, and with all of the victory going to the Jihadists.

Dems want to impeach Bush. No matter how muted they are about it now, if they get in office, they will do it.

Dems want gay marriage, and the unfolding of Christian man and woman partnerships.

Dems want to continue to kill babies as they have done over the past few years. Over a million a year aborted.

Dems simply love to trash our moral base by promoting porn, promiscuity, and freedom from moral guilt.

Dems want us to have a secular humanist society, which translates into eliminating Christianity, ignoring the moral basis of the nation, and moving towards World Government, such as under the UN! Atheists!

Dems do not have one concrete plan for any single issue before us. They have been too busy trying to obstruct the current Administration’s efforts in any direction they can.

Dems want to legislate from the Supreme Court, and thus bypass Congress and the President in installing their Secular Humanist government.

Dems do not know how to protect the nation. They want to talk-talk far after the time has come for action. They are weaklings in a World of Tigers.

Dems want to change the Constitution to permit popular voting for President, so that they have a better chance to win.

Dems are all for Politically Correct speech and a litany of Hate Crimes with which to punish those who resent other people.

Dems are the tax and spend party-- have been, and will be.
All of our tax breaks would go!

Dems, Limousine Liberals all, believe in taxing the rich. One problem is, they don’t pass it on to the poor, it seems. It sticks in their grubby little hands. Ever notice that? Take Soros as a concrete example. He is the billionaire who bought and paid for the Democratic Party.

Dems appear to want us to copy the Europeans in our manners, our culture, and our socialistic outlook. Just before the EU is overtaken by Muslims and the culture of Islam.

Dems want us to reduce the military to a militia level, and take away their guns, too, or at least the public’s guns. They want us toothless in the face of their takeover. Clinton did it to the tune of a 35-40% reduction in the DOD, and we have suffered ever since. Now is not the time to be reducing the military. We may be at war with Iran in a year or so, or less.

Just a few reminders to let me remember what I am voting for, and against, soon.


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