Thursday, September 14, 2006


Who is "War Weary?"

A meme from the media

The meme "War Weary" has been promoted by the left-biased media that is attempting to portray the entire nation as weary of the war in Iraq. What we are weary of is the unabashed use of the carnage in Iraq to further the aspirations of the Left. What we are weary of is the inability of the Congress to expand the armed forces back to a decent level, thus allowing sufficient troop power to handle the missions we have undertaken around the world. This shameful situation was caused by the Clinton cuts of our troop strength by 40% during his administration. No one remembers this sad fact, which has been at the base of our lack of troops in Iraq.

The real people who have every right to be war weary are the troops that are being rotated in and out three and four times, and their families. They are the ones suffering from overuse and fear for loved ones. The rest of the public is doing business as usual, working, playing, and enjoying our strong economy.

It is disgraceful that any of us that haven't served in Iraq or had their loved ones serve should feel war weariness. That meme is simply not proper! It is purely a meme designed to attack George Bush, and to attempt to get Democrats elected this year, and in 2008.

Of course we are frustrated by our seemingly slow progress in Iraq and the emormous bills we are paying to be there. But, we did elect to go there, and most of the Congress agreed at the time that it was proper. Now that we are there, and the going is tough, we see the namby pambies of the Left trying to back out, cut and run, and clothe themselves in the false thought that they were lied to by Bush. Never mind that they had access to the same intelligence as Bush did.

History will not be kind to the Lefties in Congress.


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