Sunday, September 03, 2006


Leftwing Moonbats Appall Me!

There is a limit!

Opinions are one thing, and free speech too. We respect other's opinions and allow others to speak out at will. Except, of course, in certain circumstances, like not shouting Fire! in a theater. When the speaker is doing the equivalent to shouting Fire!, we must constrain him for the greater good. What I have witnessed is Leftists of several species calling for demonstrations, riots, insurrection, the murder of the President, and the overthrow of the US and our Constitution. That is far, far beyond the allowable limit!

That was the basis for my rant in the previous post. There are virtually always Moonbats who will answer the call to insurrection, simply because they are bored with their life, believe they can get something out of rioting, usually loot, and halfway sign on to the ravings of the Left. They are envious of those who have a good life in comparison to theirs, and would be delighted to take some of it away if they can hide behind a crowd and steal, steal, steal... Such is the moral state of Leftists. Take from the successful by force or (their kind of) law, and split it up between their fellows, probably quite unequally at that.

Both communism and socialism preach taking from the rich and giving to the masses, except their masses are just the elite members of the movement, not the rest of the peons. They don't say exactly this around the poor, you see, since the poor and unaware are the dupes of the con job. Given total power and control of the assets of a nation in the hands of an elite group, what do you think would happen? Right! The elites will fight like hell to stay in power, to keep their riches, and to hold sway over the people. Every communist state has the same problem. They eventually implode from their inequity and inefficiency, and most have to murder millions to gain control in the first place. Yes, millions! This has been well-documented for the USSR, and for China, Laos, and Cambodia.

So, when some Moonbat who thinks he is one of the elite starts raving about overthrow of the nation or murder of the President, he is crying Fire! in our theater, about to cause mass murders, and he should be stopped cold.

Dead cold.


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