Saturday, August 26, 2006


Frustration Comment # 245: Lebanon and Israel

Whither Goest Thou?

The UN squad of tourists headed up by the French is trickling into Lebanon. They even brought their rifles, but the Lord knows that none of the soldiers will actually fire them.

So what we have is a barrier of UN-sponsored troops that will sit on the border between Lebanon and Israel and watch developments, or take nice vacations on the beaches and in the cities. Their weapons are only for self-protection, and I doubt that either Hezbollah or Israel will engage them. The UN force will not, by order, try to disarm Hezbollah, nor will they stop arms shipments from Syria into Lebanon.

Should either party decide to renew the fighting, the UN force will step aside and let it roll. Meanwhile Lebanon was severely damaged, and many lives were lost—on both sides. So what we have is a non-solution solution.

Give it a few years and the whole episode will have to be repeated. Is there no more permanent solution than continuous repetition of these wars, sparked by the Islamofacists who want to destroy Israel?


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