Wednesday, June 28, 2006


One-Liner Catchup

A Few Comments for Today

Gaza: I like their style in Israel. Give back, or else!

Rains: They came here too, but missed filling my back yard to the window sills of my basement by a half inch.

Illegals: The House has the better idea, but still not comprehensive enough.

SCOTUS: Are we winning yet?

Iran: The prediction is still February, 2008 for the final solution to commence.

NK: We need 007. How about it, Tony?

Elections: I still believe that the Republicans will hold the House and Senate in November, mainly because there just isn't any other sensible solution.

Iraq: Casey has a plan for withdrawal! He has about six plans, including one to double our strength if need be. A plan is not a recommendation. Oh, someone should ask him about his plans concerning Iran.


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